Xbox One has 16 additonal titles for backwards compatibility

Microsoft has added sixteen new entries on the list of Xbox 360 elite games that are now able to be played with Xbox One controllers, just in time with the holiday season. The additions contain fan favorite titles for instance Halo: Reach in addition to Fable III. Xbox One Console

Backwards compatibility was launched with the Xbox live One New Encounter update in Nov. It lets original owners of supported Xbox 360 game play titles for free on their Xbox live One, using an original game disc or by way of a download from your store. The initial release of backwards support included 104 compatible games and a pledge from xbox to keep adding more.Xbox 360 Retro Console

Microsoft has now launched the subsequent wave of beloved x360 games, adding 16 fan-favorite titles into the mix. The company worked as a chef with publishers to create games including. Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Fable III, Halo: Reach, Motocross Madness, Peggle, Portal: Still Alive and Spelunkey to its current-generation console.

More games will continue to be added over the life of the xbox one console. Microsoft says that is “just the beginning” connecting back with its plans for Xbox One backwards compatibility and yes it intends to develop the catalog “on a normal basis. “. Five star external drives for xbox one


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