UFC 158 is coming Diaz vs GSP video

Its coming…

The most current trailer for UFC 158 is uncensored and just adds to the buildup of a standout amongst the most foreseed fights in UFC history.

Scratch Diaz will at last get his chance to test Georges St-Pierre for the UFC welterweight title on March 16 in Bell Centre in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

The session is as of recently being depicted as a brave person vs. reprobate matchup. St-Pierre is the part-model champion looking to protect the title for an eighth sequential time, and Diaz is the potty-mouthed revolt wanting to stake his case as the best in the planet.

To Diaz, this is nothing more than a different terrific endeavor by the media to paint him as the terrible fella. Throughout the UFC 158 media meeting call, he marked St-Pierre as “spoiled” and called himself the correct “superhero” of this story.

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