Tragidy Android ROMS Are Back

Somewhere on the world wide web…..
Undisclosed location, March 16th 2013

Dorkfiles had a chance to catch up with tragidy, get some paperwork done and boom its done, we have tragidy as a dedicated dorkfiles developer he will be making his roms release back on from now and into the foreseeable future.

We had a chance to talk with tragidy in an exclusive interview.

Dorkfiles: Glad to have you with us today, how are things in the developer world?

Tragidy: Thanks I am happy to be here πŸ˜€ As always (developing is) up in arms can’t develop fast enough for the masses who want compatibility packs for my roms.

Dorkfiles: Do you have a new project you want to tell the world about?

Tragidy: Yes, Indeed as many of you know the Allwinner A31 project on my end was cancelled and the tablet was donated to a charitable cause, however thanks to the many supporters and you (censored for privacy) Β I now have an official developer board from Allwinner the prototype build if you will, so to start since I am familiar with the AMPE lineup I will be releasing an all new Android 4.2.2 ROM for devices using the Allwinner Chip set.

Dorkfiles: Excellent when can we expect to see a flash-able ROM?

Tragidy: ………. soon.

Dorkfiles: OK we will ease up on the pressure we understand you are a very busy developer and that you work until perfection can be attained, so do you have anything you want to say to the masses that will be reading this on the world wide web?

Tragidy: I support and love all of you, without you I am nothing.

Dorkfiles: Thanks Trag.

Tragidy: Anytime

You can expect to see tragidy’s work, posts and more showing up in his very own section on very soon.


        • Hello,

          The Light ELF project has one release scheduled for the public usage, its a 4.2.2 based ROM with colaboration from SoulX, Feiyu, ToniMarki, HeroSlayer, Pi, Spider, Skimp69 and myself which have formed dev team KALAMiTY which will take the light elf project to a final phased rom running android 4.2.2

  1. When I attempt to flash the Nova 10 custom ROM (v 1.07, I think), I get stuck with a boot loop (the green android man with arms crossed). I am flashing using Phoenix Suit and have tried multiple times (cleared cache, etc…) and receive the same results each time. Any suggestions?

  2. Any news on when he will be uploading the 1.09 version of the Nova 10 rom? He said in a post that thats the final and fully optimized version and i would REALLY like to check it out

  3. Greetings, are the team planning to release any custom rom for the nextway F9X, really need a better rom than the original one, thanks in advance.

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