Three New Roms for MOMO 19 19HD and 20

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Update: Aug 4th, The momo19 rom has gone into the 20-day cycle, all premium vip can download now, and if you don’t want vip you can get it still…
Also we have decided against the momo20 rom as our one and only tester reported issues, we need more momo20 users to continue with the momo20 lineup.

As everyone knows there has been a massive demand for roms based around these devices and we wanted to assure you that we have indeed heard all of your voices and donations over time enough to give you all three new roms for the momo line-up starting with Momo19, 19HD and 20 I am also aware that there are different versions of these tablets which means that one iso may or may not work for the model you have depending on the version the roms are released for and in this case we release all generation 1 version roms running Google Android AOSP 4.2.3 with average benchmarks of 13,000 it places the tablet on par or ahead of the Google Nexus 10 retail tablet, thus we have unlocked the complete market for the roms, added basic support for PlayStation 3 & Xbox 360 controllers and so on… we have removed all the crap-ware that slows the system down and infest your system with crap from the Chinese stock versions.

As you read on or… flash on… you will notice the roms have none of the original software like the momo market for a prime example it has been nulled and removed, we also defaulted the language to English on the rom, while there are many enhancements which are in favor of making the rom vastly superior then the stock versions the software always remains experimental which means you NEED to have 100% backups or a 100% full proof fail over plan before playing with the operating system on your android device, this applies to all firmware out there even official sources can have huge issues and the same may remain for this software depending on your needs, with this said we take no, zero, nill liability for any damage you may do to your tablet by using these roms, all roms are pre-rooted thus have potential for you to damage your device so please handle with care for your momo devices sake.

Download links being released to a very small circle first but will become active here VERY soon for everyone.


  • English, no crap-ware, bloat-ware
  • Android 4.2.3 no CM crap
  • A REAL flashable livesuit image
  • ClockWorkMOD CWM Recovery
  • 13k Antutu test score
  • Responsive like Nexus 10
  • Modified Launcher ( Apex )
  • Latest Flash and HTML 5 Engines
  • Complete Play Store / Market
  • A complete set of changes will be posted later..
  • Much more…


Now your device boots into CWM recovery.


1.Momo 19 IPS 4.2.3  Custom Firmware Download
( The custom droid rom is now online and ready to download )


2.Momo 19HD Android 4.2.3  Ver. 1 hardware
Download Code:


Momo 20 Android 4.2.3 Ver. 1 hardware
Need more donators for momo20 support contact us for details!

[notification type=”info”]Heads up! You can download sooner then later! [/notification]

 Download Firmware



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  1. I paid and downloaded the momo19hd rom, it came as a 7z file which I opened to an img file. My tablet does not recognize any of these, can you help please.

  2. Hi there !
    First, thanks for your great work 🙂

    I own a MOMO19 and I’d like to install the custom rom 4.2.3. Or, the link above is for stock rom 4.2.2..

    Is it normal ?
    Thx for your answer, and keep going 🙂


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