Download [APP] 4.3+ [v1.0] Heads Up!

June 29, 2014 Administrator 3

Dr.Alexander_Breen a well known programmer and coder for the android platform has created a new app that will bring android L features to your phone now, we have the full story and live download locations. New in 1.0.2:-Ability to completely […]

Control facebook news feed lab

Facebook decides humans are lab rats

June 29, 2014 Administrator 3

So as usual the crowd running things at Facebook have brought us yet again another experiment done under the safety of the terms of service guile you are bound to. “All about controlling the feed” Facebook’s News Feed—the main list […]

How the Android Wear UI Will Work

June 21, 2014 Administrator 3

he first thing you notice about the Android Wear interface is how little there is to notice. In the video’s example of the home screen, you see the time, weather and a “G” icon that will help you navigate to voice or […]