Control facebook news feed lab

Facebook decides humans are lab rats

June 29, 2014 Administrator 3

So as usual the crowd running things at Facebook have brought us yet again another experiment done under the safety of the terms of service guile you are bound to. “All about controlling the feed” Facebook’s News Feed—the main list […]

E3 Day Zero/One was all about the games.

June 10, 2014 Administrator 0

This year’s E3 have been all about the video game titles. Dorkfiles spent the initial day covering the number off press conferences, it was easy to see software was this conference’s focus. Microsoft: All Games, No NEW Hardware Microsoft pulled […]

Plix Dorkfiles

Introducing Plix & NOVA 2 ROM

January 6, 2014 Tragidy 0

Introducing to you the newest developer on dorkfiles who has taken over the NOVA V2 project from me, they will be dealing with all of the rom details and mainstream development right here on dorkfiles. The rom will be publicized […]