Swatch is piling up the patents

Swatch is probably not the first vendor that relates to mind when planning on wearable items, but happens to own a large amount of patents related for the technology.

Bloomberg believes that Swatch owns 173 patents all through which relate to wearable technology. These include many different concept designs such as one’s with proximity sensors and data-transmitting battery packs. Sources believe the company is well capable of producing its own smartwatches unlike competitors who rely on others for receptors and parts.

Owning all these patents could ultimately help Swatch significantly as a consequence of other manufacturers who will seek to integrate their ideas inside their own wearable gadgets. This has been well proven regarding smartphones. It’s a matter of time prior to wearable market sees. With that said, Swatch may be able to pick up a few rightfully won dollars from rivals in the future.

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