[ROM] Viper 1.0 for NOVA 10.1 version 2

Android made of blocks

Introducing the newly redesigned re-in visioned Genie ROM clearly dubbed Viper as this is a complete change in direction.

Features of the ROM Include.

  • KitKat 4.4.3
  • Full HD Playback 720p/1080p
  • Hardware Accelerated Kernel
  • Google Play Unification and Mods
  • Clock Speeds Adjustable
  • Rooted
  • WiFi Drivers V2.0.4
  • Screen Improvement reaction up 17%
  • Generalized Improvements

Download links will be added right here.

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    • Is there a beta of this Viper ROM? If so, can I maybe obtain a copy? I paid for the Genie ROM that never worked (bad wifi) and would love to try out the Beta.

    • I paid for the Genie ROM, which didn’t work because of the wifi. I was told that I would be made whole somehow. Is there a beta available of this Viper ROM or anything of the sort? I would like to get this tablet running to give to my child.

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