Quad Core NOVA 10.1 A31 Allwinner Version 1 Firmware

Are you the proud owner or not so proud owner of a NOVA A31 Android tablet device? Have you bricked it or need to restore the tablet?

If the answer is yes to either of these then this is the file for you, the NOVA V1 10.1 inch tablet is usually shipped in a unbranded label the tablet is silver in color made of a cheap steel with a plastic screen, also the back has one camera at the top, we will include a few pictures of our NOVA so you can compare the tablet, now remember this image below is the stock version of the nova 10.1 tablet firmware you can load up the .img file into your flashing program, script or app or do what-ever you want to with it this is the exact 1:1 image that ships with the version two nova tablets from vendors like mcbub or aliexpress for example.

If you had recently bricked your tablet or flashed another image that didn’t work out for you and your tablet is a version 1 we highly suggest that you choose yes to the mandatory format before flashing the image as there could be a huge conflict coming from another rom or a bad flash from another customized android rom or the likes.

As always we suggest that you make backups of your current device before ever tampering with firmware or rom changes, if you are unable to make backups of your data or lack the knowledge then you should first seek that before tampering with your devices internal operating system, you have been pre-warned, we do not respond to emails that ask about firmware compatibility or fixes and so on unless you are a V I P dona-tor, if you have donated we will do our best to help you otherwise you have to remember that dorkfiles does this and asks for nothing back we hope you understand this concept of donating for support as it will be the only means offered for the nova 1.

Download Now with a small no hassle donation that will keep this site alive, and give you an instant download.
Can’t afford $3 bucks? How the hell are you using the tablet?.

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