PhoenixSuit A31 Updating Software for Android

As with most All winner devices you have to use a usb to tablet method for upgrading the device firmware or ROM, PhoenixSuit is the version that has been packaged with most A31 vendors at this point, While LiveSuit is another option as I used with my world first All winner A13 ROM and most of you are probably really sick of the slow 11.5kbps speeds from the china download links so I have decided to mirror this on the 1000mbps host and post it here on the forum for you all to use, feel free to post reply’s, and no I cannot share the source code of this software with you as I do not have it.

How do I use it?

Downloading the software:

[downloadz file=”/theromz/” title=””]

Virus Total Report:…is/1359583038/


  1. I know this sounds like a dumb question but am I correct in assuming that this software installs and runs on a Windows computer to flash the Android Tablet? Being a neophyte in this area, I am preparing to flash the new 4.2.2 ver3.0 to my A972 Onda. One other question, is there a Mac equivalent for this software? I don’t own a Windows computer.
    Thank you so much and forgive the novice.

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