NOVA 2 Allwinner A31 10.1 Inch Tablet ROM

The rom has been created and tested, we are now starting to setup a internal release schedule to let it enter the 20 day countdown for everyone.

btn_donate-e1310146861666<strong class=StrictlyAutoTagBold>NOVA</strong> 2 10.1 Droid tablet” src=”” width=”261″ height=”98″/></p><p>The nova 2 <strong
class=StrictlyAutoTagBold>ROM</strong> is a 4.1/4.2 dirty port with multi user disabled, we were also able to break 13k in antutu benchmark testing. Other benchmarks were available but have not been used at the time of this post. As per most A31 devices when cleaned</p><p><noscript><img
class=Allwinner techThe rom for the elegent no name white and silver, prototype NOVA 10.1 Version 2 tablet has all crapware removed from the system as a whole, it also features pre-built apps like ad-away, terminal and other various options, it also contains a full playstore allowing 99.99% of apps to be shown to you for your device without some silly hold back on false pretence of hardware layouts. TuneIn Radio for example is downloadable on this version of the nova firmware.


When we configure our a31 properly  it can rival the Nexus class tablets passing the Nexus 7 and standing point for point with the Nexus 10, you have to remember though the Nexus 10 is only a dual core but uses a much superior chipset then the A31 which is a low level armv7 structure, the a31 build was told to be a small energy high payload tablet and for the price point I would have to agree the A31 is quite al right for $199 not a penny more, if you get one 10 incher for less then more power to you just be sure its a real version when you get it.


The A-Series; A10, A20 and A31 SoC’s incorporates a proprietary inhouse designed multimedia system co-processing DSP (Digital Indication Processing) processor technology regarding hardware accelerated video, impression, and audio decoding, referred to as CedarX (with subprocssing referred to as “CedarV” for video decoding in addition to “CedarA” for audio decoding), competent to decode 2160p 2D in addition to 1080p 3D video.


The main disadvantages with this CedarX technological innovation and libraries is of which Allwinner’s own CedarX proprietary libraries haven’t any clear usage license, so even when the source code for many versions is available the particular terms-of-use is unknown inside open source software, and there’s no glue code for another multimedia frameworks on GNU/Linux systems that may be used as a middle-ware, for instance OpenMAX or VAAPI.

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