NOVA 10.1 A31 Android Tablet Custom ROM

The NOVA 10 is a OEM edition of the AMPE SANEI Allwinner quad core tablets to our knowledge, it comes unbranded with a alloy based backing and plastic front, aside from a few quirks the tablet is very reliable when flashed with the proper firmware to allow better play store access, more language packs and overall a better android experience for a user looking for a ROM they can jump right into then this will be the ROM for you.

The phoenix A31 ROM by Tragidy over at Androidtablets is exclusive to both androidtablets and dorkfiles, if you get the ROM from any other mirrors or download links then we have not authorized such replication for hosting and consider them to be altered, you should always download the latest A31 NOVA rom directly from as this is the only download location authorized.

ROM Highlights and Features

Public Release 1.00

  • Gmail Updated
  • Ptch Lky Removed
  • standard clock speeds do not OC past 1200
  • AdAway Implemented
  • Newer pre-blocked hosts file
  • Google Search & Voice Updated
  • Optimized recovery and boot

Updated download and release at

Quote Originally Posted by tragidy View Post
  • Initial First Release, don’t expect miracles!
  • Flash-able with Phoenix Suit!
  • Rooted
  • Market should be 99.99% complete
  • Default English ROM
  • Super User APK Implemented
  • GPU will now use all 8 virtual cores even on older GL games
  • Default 1104mhz up from 1008
  • Various Kernel Optimizations
  • YouTube HD
  • Preloaded hosts file
  • Zip-aligned
  • Market Enabler Region Unlocked
  • PatchLucy Adobe Flash Hulu!
  • Many other small tweaks…..

Known Bugs and Issues

Plans to expand upon the kernel and operating system to 4.1.2 or 4.2.1
Change partition for system to 2.0GB instead of 1.0
Overclock past 1.25ghz
Update Play / Services / Search / Gmail


    • sorry for all, I have already downloaded the 1.07 rom…
      thanks for all…
      but where to download 1.09 rom?
      thanks a lot
      also very thank tragidy~~~
      the ampe A10 Quard-core A31 isn`t rooted..It lets us confused…

  1. Anyone have any idea why I am repeatedly encountering a boot loop (Android man with arms crossed) when I attempt to flash this? I am using Phoenix Suit v 1.0.6. Any ideas?

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