New AMPE A31 Android 4.2.2 Firmware

Greetings fellow dorkfiles users,

Using the sources tragidy uploaded to us a week ago we have compiled a community rom that works with the AMPE Flagship Quad Core A10 using the Allwinner A31 Chipset.

The ROM has been tested and verified to work on the following android devices.

  1. AMPE 10 Flagship A10 with A31 Quad Core
  2. NOVA 10.1 Version 1 Release aka ProtoType
  3. AMPE 10 A31 Starter All Versions
  4. SANEI 10 Power Tablet
  5. Plexus Ion
  6. StarTab 4

The ROM Has been tested on these devices too but need compatibility packages, as community members tested these.
The issue and or patch will be enclosed in brackets below.

StarTab MAX ( Screen and Wifi )
Momo 19 A31 ( Screen )
Nextway ( Screen and GL driver )
SLEEX 10 ( Audio does not work )

(The ROM may or may not work on your device, feel free to try it but have a backup first)

Key ROM features.

  • FastBOOT
  • Hyper MOD by Tragidybtn_donate-e1310146861666
  • Zen Sphere power scheme
  • Rooted!
  • Stable
  • Removed China Market
  • Removed Bloatware
  • Default to English Tablet
  • Great for gamers and power users.
  • Will be updated very often!
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[downloadz file=”/theromz/custom.img.bz2″ title=”A31 Community]

The initial release is a public beta test we are releasing lots of downloads



Getting Started

First you need to download the android ROM for your tablet which you can do on this page in the above box.
Then you can follow this guide + video ( or just watch the video )

Video Guide How to upgrade your allwinner A31 tablet to 4.2.2

Here is a reply in text form of how you can upgrade or modify the existing rom or firmware on your allwinner android tablet.

  1. Hold down the power button until the tablet is force powered off.

  2. You are now ready to open Phoenix Suit, switch to the Firmware tab which is made from an anchor icon.

  3. Select your firmware image, preferably one from this site for the desired tablet.

  4. With your tablet still powered off, attempt the tragidy method, hold volume + and insert the usb plug, this should prompt you. (If this however does not work, then unplug, hold power and volume down then plug to force an update)

  5. Select Yes to any format/loss of data options unless you are a pro and know what you are doing. ( Yes twice in most cases)

  6. Sit back, relax and enjoy the new or modified firmware.


Need help extracting the file? Downloaded a 7z or Bz2 file? Check out this article.


Are you a reseller or online store? Need a really customized experience for your customers so they always remember where the tablet came from? Keep them coming back since the tablets they get from you work much better, ideally you can just use the images we provide but if you wanted to contact us we can arrange to have a custom ROM built for any android device helping assist you with what you and your customers goal may be, from starting at a higher clock speed on boot to making default wallpapers on the tablet hold your company’s branding along with many other venues, if this is something you are interested in please do contact the dork files staff, we understand re-sellers and e-shops are people’s real income and we can help you make more of that with a proven track record of only the best in class developers, don’t wait and don’t think its going to break the bank we do this for fun and for free we just need to cover server bills and buy tablets to develop on so give us a quick mail and you may be surprised on just what we can do for you for so little.


  1. This rom is uploaded and ready for public use, go ahead post the download link, there may be market issues in the release though.

  2. Yes I released it weeks ago as the uncompiled file system the team here on dorkfiles are making a repack of it taking out all of the developmental portions allowing it to be user friendly to the tablet user instead of a black debug screen loading every few minutes from the modified apps in my own personal release.

    I give permission to the dorkfiles staff to release a community rom as my work is published under a GNU/GPL License at least the portions currently shared are, some my have creative commons or all rights reserved which is why it takes sometime for my roms to release at times as most tablet vendors in the US/Canada load my firmwares onto the tablets before selling them on the shelf as it removes most chinese bloatware from the vendor, due to this it takes a little longer for my releases to get edited and released to the community as the first release is very specific to tablet shops and e-tailers around the world.

  3. so…Can I know when they relase the 4.2.2 rom? I really go into the web over 2 hour 1 day (1 day ten times, and 1 time ten min)…this web is a good web for us…But I want to know when I can download the rom^^…and they say the rom updates very often…so I also go there very often~~~thank you all for those works…

  4. Where is the button in the 4.2.2 to take the screen rotate for netflix and woah I must say this 16907 antutu score is crazy what did you do to this!

  5. Can we expect this to be ported to other a31 tablets? If so, what files do you need tradigy, im happy to upload to you the .fex of whatever you need to port this to say the nextway and onda tablets

    • Greetings,

      I wont need any fex files If I were to ask for them I’d just as soon download the rom and unpack it ;P

      I need the display driver and wifi driver from the tablet you use and then you should be able to use this rom on any device, I personally am using it on an actual AMPE A10 any other devices stated to be working are sourced from others, also this is not my ROM all of my roms are RTM only basic bare bones useless to general public as they want bells and whistles, I provide numbers, hence the community making roms from the SVN server on dorkfiles premium.

  6. I have tried to download from 3 browsers on my laptop (Chrome, FF and IE) in addition to trying from my phone and tablet. 5 different browsers in all and nothing happens when I click the link. I have no ad blocking active. Do you need the premium passcode for the associated text field? I have also cleared cache, history in the browsers and everything…still no luck.

  7. I try more times, but the download link can`t work for me…maybe you can use another way to download? or need us to pay for it…I so want to get the rom

  8. I can confirm that all public downloads are now exhausted.

    There will be final versions of the ROM released soon as team Kalamity are releasing a Podcast explaining the release tree, as to what we know so far there are three versions of the ROM going to be published, to generalize they would be like this, Basic, Pro and V.I.P, complete details will be released in the podcast when it is published, we are very happy to have coders like tragidy on the dorkfiles team he is a very good programmer and will deliver on his word as always, for those of you who had the chance to test our version we hope you love it, for those of you who never had a chance to download the rom, no worries the new lineup is coming out, if you can’t wait you can always donate to eliminate all wait times.

    • OK, not to be overly critical, but why not consider communicating that this is a limited Beta or limited release? The announcement above makes no mention of this and I wasted 20 minutes trying to figure out why I could not make the download work.

      Also, you say that there is a means to donate and eliminate all wait times…how does one go about doing this? I am always happy to donate.

  9. As we are unsure of when we will be releasing more public download as this was a limited test, and well it is friday so here are some one time use codes its only a small amount but some of you will be lucky.

    Download Pass: AM-60303-922581768-484698-QHN
    Download Pass: AM-22463-215423965-916777-KCC
    Download Pass: AM-87050-877841091-873568-NAX
    Download Pass: AM-61647-760932445-479014-CHZ
    Download Pass: AM-89006-280577468-851710-LTK
    Download Pass: AM-62697-120148181-156865-RYH
    Download Pass: AM-34212-325527191-750990-EKO
    Download Pass: AM-13204-386685943-426839-PKG
    Download Pass: AM-22640-164501285-496238-LEJ
    Download Pass: AM-31129-315361404-421034-AUM
    Download Pass: AM-85546-430440998-977702-GTE
    Download Pass: AM-97593-258861923-724707-BCH
    Download Pass: AM-42508-819153690-966376-FNJ
    Download Pass: AM-48672-677111339-591080-HUD
    Download Pass: AM-86071-154220104-137580-BJV
    Download Pass: AM-17152-372249412-675051-KKY
    Download Pass: AM-60693-987316417-974582-CCU



  10. Just installed to Nova 10 and few problems with it.
    wlan won’t turn on, and now it has only 1gb, original fw had 2gb.
    Otherwise it looks good, boots fast.

  11. I gave this a go to see how it worked on version 2 of the NOVA 10.1. The wifi would not start. Such a shame it seemed very snappy and responsive. Excellent work tragidy

  12. Hi, I just tried your rom on my retina A31 Chuwi V99. Unfortunately I’ve not been able to use it since screen and wifi don’t work, HDMI out works instead. Your work seems really promising, thank you very much! Hope you’ll be able to release a patch for chuwi v99 too in the future. Just in case you’ll need it, you can download our last stock rom based on sdk 2.0 from the following link

    Thank you again 🙂

  13. Hello. congratylations for the rom.

    but i have a small problem. i hane sanei n10 quad core a31 with 2gb memory. When i put the new rom the memory went to 1gb. why? how can i fix this?

  14. Hello. i have a BIG problem. I used the custom rom but instead of having 2gb memory i now have only one!!! why is that? i have a sanei n10 quad core.

  15. Magnificent goods from you, man. I’ve understand your stuff previous to and you’re just extremely wonderful. I actually like what you have acquired here, certainly like what you’re stating and the way in which you say it. You make it entertaining and you still care for to keep it smart. I cant wait to read much more from you. This is actually a great web site.

  16. HI there still have problems in getting the rom onto the tablet, th process for get the tablet in to the correct mode i can not get to work. I have tried the + then connect usb, i have tried + and power button 10 times.
    phoenix suit sees the tablet when the tablet is fully powered up.
    I have two sanei n10 tablet and cannot get either one to do it.
    Have tried on xp and win7.
    any ideas as to why or can the romm be install using micro sd somehow.

    I have been working on this for 3 weeks now
    regrads nick

  17. Hello,
    I downloaded the A31-Black-Edition-TRAGiDY-APR-2013, but it asks for a password.
    What is the password?
    Secondly, I want to use it for the Sanei N10 with the quad core A31.
    Will it work?

  18. Hello, i have a problem with this flash. I have a sanei N10 3g.
    When i plug it inn normal, windows finds it and Phoenix Suit finds it.
    However if i boot it with + volum key and usb cable i come to recovery mode, pc finds it, but phoenix suit does not. If i boot it with – volum and usb cable I get sanei logo stuck on screen, pc finds it Phoenix suit does not. Any recomendations ?

  19. I try install this rom but i dont cross the 3%, 3 Min. 37 Sec. Every try – the same 🙁

    Have an AMPE A31 Quad, and I follow the Video Tutorial step by step…I use Phoenix Suit 1.04, 1.06 and I Try 1.07….

    What can I do? Any suggestions?

  20. Hello. i have a BIG problem.
    I used the custom rom but instead of having 2gb memory i now have only one!!! why is that? i have a sanei n10 quad core.

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