Netflix Black Edition Updated March 1st 2013

After netflix decided to discontinue support for the older 1.8 based version of the netflix application there is now an all new downloadable version ofย  the famous netflix streaming application absolute streaming video quality along with auto rotation module implemented into the android app so if you turn your tablet or phone in another direction the video will turn with you! There is also added support for true full screen mode so users with android roms supporting a full screen in ICS or JellyBean will experience a nice seamless viewing.

We have tested this version of Netflix as of this post and it is working great even on slow internet connections we can still view netflix with stellar quality in the country side, perhaps this version of netflix is best for those who need the best quality picture on flix while streaming a movie, or you just have a slower internet connection and need an app that will stream regardless of your internet connection speeds, if this is the case then Netflix black edition 2 is the application for you and your Google android device.

So if you are having problems watching netflix on your phone or tablet powered by Google android then this version is the perfect solution for you and your device no need to use nasty slow browsers when you can utilize the native android application right here on dorkfiles the number one solution for android help.

[downloadz file=”/theromz/Netflix_Black_Rotation_v2.1.1.apk” title=”Download Flix Black Edition”]

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  1. This new version of netflix black edition is totally awesome, my movies are streaming perfectly on my all new RK3188 the normal netflix from the playstore was force closing but this version works great on rockchip.

    Thanks so much for sharing the file.

  2. Love the look and the ability to rotate but it still forces a 4:3 aspect ratio when playing on an external screen via MHL adapter. The original does that too and I was hoping that had been fixed in this version.

  3. I cannot get this to open. It will take me to the loading screen and will not pass me to the authentication screen. Then it goes back to the tablet’s app screen. Is there anything else I can try? My tablet has Android 4.0.0 on it. Is there and earlier version of the .apk I can try? Thanks.

  4. Will android ever be able to stream netflix in 720p again? I remember this working great on my tmo gs3 back in october… than something happened and all major streaming apps went to SD. This includes netflix, hbogo, maxgo and time warner. They all look blurry now. They stream great on roku, minus maxgo of course, so when my note 2 streams from the same WIFI, I really dont understand why the picture looks so bad. Great job as always, just wish HD worked.

  5. This doesn’t work with Android 4.2 on my PiPo tablet and I assume it won’t work with any China made TV stick or tablet running 4.2
    I that’s the fix you’re looking for, this isn’t it.

      • Right. It works on many tablets, and so does the regular Netflix app. Some people, like me, were directed to this app as a fix for a new problem in that Netflix won’t work on most (or all) China made (PiPo, Cube, etc.) tablets and TV Sticks running JB 4.2.x, and ONLY 4.2.x. All these devices run Netflix fine under Android 4.1.x.
        DRM isn’t handled so the video is scrambled. I’m sure Netflix Black is a fine program; it’s just not the cure for this problem.

        • This app does work on 4.2 and 4.3.0 for that matter and does a great job with allwinner a13, rk3066, amlogic, a10, a31 all chinese brand chipsets and probably many more, furthermore this is not the place to discuss your tablet, please create a thread and ….. don’t say the tablet name… tell what chip-set its using nobody cares about the name of the tablet just the SoC you are obviously having a strange encounter with Netflix due to other reasons then that of this application hence your post serves no point on dorkfiles other then to seemingly relay a message from else-where that has nothing to do with this application but that of your own tablet device and the android rom you are using, in other words there are various factors such as the fact you are not the only android user in the world and it does work, it simply doesn’t work for you not android as a whole, also we don’t talk about DRM on this website so please refrain from doing so.

          • There’s no need to be abrasive.
            4.3 may have fixed the problem. 4.2 on my rk3066 does or my rk3188 devices don’t play Netflix properly. It’s a known problem in several forums. Other chips are also mentioned, but I don’t have first hand experience with them.
            I have found a workaround that works acceptably well, but not 100% perfect. It involves using a specific older version of the Netflix app, and I’ve also found a special version of Netflix Black based on that version of Netflix that can also be used. So, I assume they know about the issue.
            I won’t mention DRM again, though I don’t know why.

  6. I’ve tried to download multiple times, but it will not accept my email address. Perhaps you could offer an alternative means of downloading.

  7. I’m so frustrated because i cannot find the link anywhere!!!! I clicked where it says “get the app” and it took me to a download manager app, where is it??

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