Momo 9 III A13 Android ROM December 2012

The all new updated version of the A13 rom for your momo 9 device.

Android 4.0.4 SVN December 19th, 2012

When you first boot this A13 ROM it will be in Chinese and you have to select your language manually.
120×120 DPI adjustable tablet –> large phone using custom allwinner app
160×160 and so on will also work simply download system tweaker or allwinner app

Allwinner Android Tablets

I take no liablity or responsiblity for this ROM

Android 4.0.4
Name: at-dev.png<br /><br /><br /> Views: 18373<br /><br /><br /> Size: 9.6 KB

From now on we will offer one location for the rom, will be the exclusive download location
If you have downloaded the ROM elsewhere I cannot offer support or guarantee the cleanliness of the ROM as it can be tampered with.
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  1. Hi… I’ve been trying to look for that firmware for the longest time. Can I get the password to download that file? I really need to fix this bricked tablet for my dad. Thanks! Merry Christmas

  2. Also… since you’re posting the firmware.. I’m assuming you have the tablet to play around with too. I’m current stuck in Android System Recovery 3e. I can’t flash anything as when I add the roms to the external and select it to flash, I get the error E:Signature Verification Failed. Can you help with that? Or no clue about what I’m talking about? Thanks again!

  3. after you get the firmware how do you flash it on? i’ve been trying to use livesuit and phoenix and it doesn’t work. Can you put up a walkthrough or a guide? thanks also my computer does not pick up the drivers for the tablet. do you have the drivers for it?

  4. For everyone who’s wondering, the password is “updated”… there’s a bit of text before the download that says “The password to download is updated” and I thought it just meant that someone had updated the password… but no, the password is LITERALLY the word “updated”

  5. Please let me have the password for the download? I have an Allwinner (generic) A13 Android 4.0 tablet that will not power on. My computer also will not completely recognize the tablet either. It states that device needs a new driver but it “knows” that there is a device plugged into the usb port.

  6. For those asking for the password, read the initial post, the password is updated, literally.

    Thanks Tragidy, awesome work, excellent Rom on the Momo9II. Better speed and responsiveness over all, a whopping 1000+ points better score on Antutu over the last rom (now 3595 on average, was 2265)

    • i didnt need the password just use your email… if u need passsword write “updated” =)

      yo no necesite contraseña, solo pon tu email si te pide la contraseña escribe “updated” =)

  7. for file download the Password is : updated

    updated is the password for this file ok ppl
    hope u guys got it this time
    best of luck

  8. omg how many times have you guys got to ask for the password //

    password is———–>>>> UPDATED <<<————-YES THE WORD UPDATED IS THE PASSWORD




  9. Excellent. I typed the password “updated”, clicked download and received my “Save file as..” dialog, but after a few seconds the download completes and the file is 0 bytes. I’ve attempted this on several machines/browsers/operating systems, all with the same result. Any suggestion on what may be causing the my issue would be greatly appreciated.

  10. Hi!,

    Sorry i don’t get how to download the file, when i click the download button (black bar at the top) i get that no download file is specified, and i don’t see a download button in the body of webpage, could you provide some advice please?

  11. I have the same issue, I see the “Download The ROM” link, click it and it opens a save dialogue saying the file size is 283MB and I then save to my desktop but downloads within a second and it’s obviously empty doing this.

    If I open it, I get the following error; “The archive is either in unknown format or damaged”.

    So I’m still no closer to getting these two tablets back up and running without this specific ROM.

  12. Is there a chance to create Anrdoid 4.2.2 for Allwinner A13 tablet ? Or do you continue upgrading your projects for this chip ?

  13. In the comments above, it says the ROM is updated to 4.1.2, but the download link still sends the 4.0.4. Is it gonna be available soon?

  14. hi everyone i have a china tablet name haipad a13 allwinner cpu 1.2ghz ram 512 7″ only volume and power physic key it was brick i tries to flash some rom but touch screen not work anybody can give me the way to fix or rom ts working thanks

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