Momo 9 BoxChip A13 ANDROID 4.0.4 ROM

A13 custom ROM for the momo9 android tablet computer
Download the latest version of the rom right now for your Momo9 A13 android device

MALI Drivers
SYNC With Google Android 4.0.4 Stream

Remember this android tablet ROM may or may not work with your device.


This is an archived rom and there is a $5 download fee, enter your email address and choose a payment method below to start the download.
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  1. I have told all my friends about this rom too now the $50 tablet can work like a $120 tablet thank you so much for releasing this android rom to everyone.

  2. I can not even put the contraeña download, botpn not enabled for download; thanks for any help
    No la puedo descargar aunque coloque la contraeña, no se habilita el botpn para descargarla, agradesco cualquier ayuda

  3. Hey all went well…. but m in serious trouble!!!! The touch sensing has been inverted!!! As if i am touchin the right side, its sensing it on the left side. M swiping right.. it is sensed as left swiped!! plz help… is there a way to invert it??

  4. hi!im Eric,i does’t saw any password on it,maybe website error?i have try several times refresh but still can’t see the password….any solution?thanks…

  5. The password is “tragidy” (without the quotes)

    People its so damn simple to download, Please read the first paragraph to the top of the page the password is there.

    Anyways thanx so much. I am downloading it and hope it helps me.

    My Sanei N77 Tab got bricked after I did a factory reset and it went back to the Chinese version

  6. wow.. i’m excited to download this but afraid at the same time as well. I’m worry if my tablet don’t compatible wit it. Mine was allwinner a13 9″. hardware- sun5i, processor – ARMv7 rev2 (v7l), BogoMIPS – 1001.88… please tell me it will works. thanks in advance.

  7. Will this work with Xtouch X708. Specifications:
    Detail System Android 4.0
    CPU A13 ARM Cortex-A8 FRQ 1200MHZ
    GPU Mali-400
    Memory 512MB DDR3
    Storage 4GB NAND Flash
    External Storage Support 32GB Micro TF Card

    Display Screen Size 7inch
    Resolution 800×480
    Touch Screen 5 points Capacitive Touch Screen
    Language Arabic, English, Chinese,French,23 languages,etc.

  8. Very very thanks..(more than that)…Revived my bricked Micromax funbook alpha..(This is also more than that, because ICS 4.0.4 works like a charm)

  9. My screen is unresponsive to touch after loading this ROM. Any suggestions?

    Momo9 III. Have tried reverting to stock firmware but once the screen goes off it again loses touch input when device is woken and have to reboot to get touch back again.

    Any help would be great!

  10. Здравствуйте! Прошил планшет Вашей прошивкой. Результат – не работает тачскрин. Есть ли решение проблемы?

  11. hola tengo un problema con el touch de una a13-mid yeahpad no consigo hacer funcionar el touch ni el wifi,y la momo9 la puse.Funciona lo unico k al tocar en la is¡zquierda saltan los iconos de de la derecha y viceversa
    [email protected]

  12. Hi.
    Why answering to those who are asking a hundred times for the password displayed at the top, and not to those who are asking for the link (who is obviously broken by a download manager plugin bug)?
    Anyway, i’m interested in this rom too, is it possible to get the link back please?

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