Momo 19HD Custom Android 4.2.3 ROM


All crap ware removed, faster input, cleaned up all trash, defaults to English.

This custom droid firmware is version 4.2.2 with support for the ployer momo 19 HD Version 1 tablet. Always make a secure backup of your device or have a stock rom ready in the case something goes wrong.

Download the custom momo 19 hd rom now.

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In the case that you brick your tablet or something goes wrong, don’t panic we have a team of experts that can help you but all the same we have to take zero NO LIABILITY for your hardware or software in any way shape nor form, if you break it we will help you fix it but remember replacing the tablet firmware is generally a painless event as long as you know your tablet is this version then you are all set and no issues should arise, so enjoy the download.

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    • This is pay – per download, however if you are a vip on the chart then simply contact us with your donation id/transaction id and we will provide a download link, if you however donated a mere $10 2-3 months ago then no VIP is a month long event unless you donate a monumental amount then its for life, or if you donated and never downloaded then we will also comp your download and provide you a link, once again anything billing related would be best handled using the contact us button unless you want to share your finances here then thats fine by us.

  1. I’ve downloaded ROM and flashed no problem but when loads just stays on mono screen with loading circle what could be the problem

  2. good day!
    I download this firmware, but it not work: screen alltime black. I
    have MOMO19HD V1. At original firmware 4.2.2. all ok…

  3. Still dosnt work won’t even go past blue ployer screen now v1.0.7 livesuite hellllp so anoying last one at least got to momo screen

  4. but i do not have any money in net.i am a student in a mountainous village in china. my father sent me the machine ,but my rom is too bad .so,please…soon i have to return to school

      • Your paid download link has never been used so I have issued a 100% refund and wish you the best of luck, remember though that if you do find the download link it will not work any longer as you have taken back your donation.

        Transaction ID 1XN415137D971023A
        Original payment €3.99 EUR
        Fees Refunded by PayPal €0.16 EUR
        Total Refund Amount €3.99 EUR

        Check your bulk folder haha…

  5. How about a download-link for the custom ROM?

    Original post was on 4th of August, now it’s September…should be more than 20 days now… 😉

      • That is a bit disappointing. 3 days ago, you said it was available for free download on public sites.

        Now I’ll have to fork out another 4euro, which BTW is more than $4.
        I did donate for the 1st version which failed me and you gave no refund like an URL to the repackaged version. I don’t mind donating again but do want to be sure it passes the boot stage and would like to have some customer services in case it fails again.
        How about putting up a video showing your ROM just to show it is a “must have”.

        • We have records of every last transaction, gladly fill us in on your transaction id and you wont have to pay again, as for free downloads there are many leaked versions of this on the net, we don’t condone that but your more then welcome to do as you wish, dorkfiles is all about freedom we don’t care if you buy the rom or not kinda thing but we are not going to offer this one on our servers for free, other servers by all means but we wont be offering free hosting from our servers it costs to much money to maintain, as it stands now the roms that are free to d/l right from dorkfiles are hit every couple of seconds, if we add another the site will become unstable, so by all means continue to complain, we do this for fun not to be cried at.

          • Hi Admin,

            I understand your point. If you can guarantee me that your HD version works on the IPS, or that you have a working IPS-version (with working camera) that does not have the original problem of not getting past the white Boot screen, I’ll be happy to fork out another 4 euro to support your work.

            Still think a video would be a nice teaser.

          • Why would the HD version work on ips therec is no ips version coming according to tragidy there were a total of 14 people interested in the momo19/19hd/20 roms to a extreme extent of testing, making and so on, not enough for a community.

            This ROM the 19 HD works perfectly for the intended device, however I’m 99% SURE that unless tragidy gets a momo19 in his hands there will be no more roms made for it only for the ampe/sanei/nova a31.

          • The MOMO19 HD stock ROM of July 2013 works on my IPS but, like all other ROMs the camera is not working. Think I’ll just give this one a go then, if there is no IPS-version forthcoming.
            Otherwise, is there a How-To on changing the screen driver so I can customize Tragidy’s ROM to suit IPS?
            Don’t mind to do some tinkering myself. The info in the ‘Black Edition’ indicates it is doable but does not explain how and where to find this screen driver.


  6. Hi I flashed my Momo 19HD V1 using the custom rom,but now in the about option on the tablet,it’s showing as a Nexus 10.Have you sent me the correct rom download link.Thanks for your time

  7. The camera is broken in this rom on my V1 motherboard.This was a problem for people using the official ployer FW 4.2.2 released for V2,V3 motherboards on their V1 board.I have flashed back to the Ployer 4.2.2(from your custom rom) for the V1 and the camera still won’t work.
    I’d be happy if you could provide any assistance or direction in getting it working again.I’m an android noob,but would like to give it a go.Thanx

  8. I was waiting long time, may any one tell me if i can download it or not?, i have shared it twice and like twice on facebook , may any one help me by some instructions how to get the download link !

  9. Hi.
    I have installed this ROM from the link on this page, but its characteristics are not as listed. Namely, the default language is not English, and I’m getting Antutu scores under 11k.

    The image is entitled “DORKFILES_MOD_momo19hd_V1_4.2.23” and timestamped 08/08/13 16:25. Is this the latest version, or is there a later one?

    • That is correct, the language has been set to JP for quite sometime, its been de-sh!twared and market fully enabled, as stated also if your not getting a good score adjust your tablets settings for more performance as out of the box the rom is made to preserve battery not destroy it.

  10. Thanks for the prompt response – I’ll give that a go.

    Can I ask what future support plans you have for the MOMO19HD? Will you be cooking ROMS for ‘kitkat’ and beyond?

    I’m grateful for your efforts to date. Thanks.

  11. Ciao, sono un ragazzo italiano che ha comprato il tablet ployer momo 19hd.
    Ho notato subito molti problemi con wi-fi e con il firmware stesso.
    La versione del mio ployer è V3.
    Potete personalizzare la rom anche per V3?

  12. I have waited for this rom for 6 months since its release to be free as there is no paypal payment service in nepal! i check this site regularly in the hope of getting download link free (as promised before) with absolutely no success! Is there any possibility that I can use this rom? I can share this site 100 times, but i can’t pay from nepal! Should I be checking this site further in the hope of getting download link?????

    • We also have accepted Payza for a very long time which is in your country, plus you can use paypal there just a credit card only… If you waited 6 months that’s like 5 by 6 which is 0.83 cents a month you would have saved by not forking over your amount, also 6 months ago there was a free phase and paid, then a free then a $2 then free now its forever paid for what-ever price with geo tagging zip tracking too 😉

      If you had been more like im too poor to buy this then how the hell did you get a tablet.. lol a friend right… yeah.. cant wait till tragidy reads this hes gonna field day.

      • The problem is u don’t know the situation here! It may sound ridiculous but Central bank of nepal has not allowed general citizens to get international cards. So, no credit card ,no paypal , nor payza!!!!
        & I’m not begging for some sort of charity or something! I’m just asking if u could manage ur promise!!!

  13. I paid and downloaded a 7z file. how to get the img file for flashing? I cannot unzip it with 7-zip. thanks in advance.

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