Momo 19HD Android 4.2.23 REPACK

The repack for the rom is being uploaded to the server right now, all those who have donated please use the contact feature on this website and include some sort of reference to your donation that we can use to verify the donation or V.I.P account status, so if you are a V.I.P then just use the same form and let us know that you donated a ton and we will take care of you.


This image is almost done uploading to the cloud we have flashed it to several devices and feel comfortable that there will be no issues with the release of this new momo 19HD custom rom.

Edit Momo19HD Repack 1 is online and ready to rock at

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    • hi! you send me link. Then I go – I see “Download link was expired”. I paid a second time and download. Bags of new firmware:
      – thai (?) language at first start
      – I can’t run Antutu
      – at About screen – “Nexus 10”. WHY???
      I’m not happy… I want return my money.

      • It tells Nexus 10 because we spoof it to Nexus 10 so the market and or other apps work good its clearly stated all over the download link as for a refund this is a donate to download system…. you’re like the grinch man taking back gifts from dem kids.. lulz… can’t refund pay per downloads… also that paypal case was not cool man at least give me like 15-20 minutes before opening a case, in any case dorkfiles does not grant refunds for downloads or vip ranking as its a digital service, we cannot verify what you may or may not do with the goods and services provided by us fine people here at

        Sorry your download was not for your tablet, I highly suggest reading before downloading anything that you have to pay for, or you could have just asked for a refund with your circumstances and we would have maybe bent the rules, but you claimed it so our hands our tied and it more than likely will rule in our favor.

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