Momo 19 ROM Android 4.2.2


MOMO 19 4.2.2 Google Android ROM ultra high speed free downloading.

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In the case that you brick your tablet or something goes wrong, don’t panic we have a team of experts that can help you but all the same we have to take zero NO LIABILITY for your hardware or software in any way shape nor form, if you break it we will help you fix it but remember replacing the tablet firmware is generally a painless event as long as you know your tablet is this version then you are all set and no issues should arise, so enjoy the download.

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  1. Hi,
    Installed this ROM with PhonixSuite1.7. Using the Format SDcard option, hence clean system. It does not finish the booting stage. White screen, MOMO-logo and spinner going round for more than 5 minutes. Power-off, reboot without success.
    PhoenixSuite does recognize the new firmware when slate is USB-connected. It says model: Nexus10, Android 4.2.3, firmware: A31_T9703L_2M_4.2.20130718.

    Please advise.

  2. Hi Tragidy,

    Tried once more today, after restoring to original firmware. Still no luck. I do see a screen telling me it is upgrading Android followed by a “finishing boot” message. After that, the screen as explained before. The device is not bricked. I can access it through the PhoenixSuite etc.
    Any idea what might cause this.


  3. Hi Tragidy,

    Guess you’re busy enough but can you please tell me if you do a repack for the momo19 V1 IPS-screen also?
    And if so, when will it be available? .


    • Hi
      I tried to flash this rom but PhoenixSuit does not want to load the image. It states that it is broken image or old firmware.

      What is the problem

  4. How does it look like with the support? I cannot see any responses in Replies tab, did you solve your problems with this rom?
    Does the firmware work for momo19 (A31 non-HD version)? (are there different HW versions which might complicate the installation/compatibility)?

  5. Hi Administrator

    Tragidy has been silent for a long time now. Can you tell us what’s going on and why we don’t get any answer from him? Is he still around and doing his magic for the Momo19 ROM? Will there be an update for the IPS-version (non HD) as some requested?


    • Momo 19 IPS V1 Repack is coming, silence = development πŸ˜‰

      We need ONE or TWO V1 testers who wants to test!?! seems most went with a retina display so we need testers in order to release a better repack with even more options.

      • Hi Admin/Tragidy,

        I have a V1 as well. Would love to help you out testing. Please let me know if, how & when.


  6. Hi,

    Downloaded and unzipped. Date of IMG is 22/7. Not deterred, I installed. Looks like normal Chinese firmware. Load of Chinese crapware, chinese language to start with. Usedd PhoenixSuite 1.07. Shows firmware a31_t9703l-2m-4.2.20130718
    Camera not working.

    Looks like original Ployer firmware to me.

    Please advice.

    Thanks & regards:

      • Nope, was and still hoping to get a custom ROM from Tragidy that works on the IPS. Admit I was too eager to download to read this ‘Stock ROM’
        Never crossed my mind you would distribute stock ROMs πŸ™

        Any idea when the custom build from Tragidy will be available for free download? Had once bought the previous IPS release that did not run on my V01 slate. Did not get a repack of the HD-version that also works on IPS. Don’t want to spent more money without guarantee of success. (sorry, even my money does not go far nowadays)


  7. Well, I’m hugely disappointed that no IPS-version is forthcoming. I kept an eye on the other thread regarding the HD-version. I do admit it looks like most people are having an HD-slate, which to me is an overkill. Even the IPS has an higher resolution (DPI) as most if not all PC-monitors and I hear no-one complaining about that πŸ˜‰
    Anyway, I hope that the BlackEdition 2.1 will be suitable for my momo19. The old version had a screen driver problem. I keep my fingers crossed.No answer on the question from ‘Lord’ for an How-To change a screen driver. Found your guide for unpack & repack. Looks promising but I do find it difficult to find the driver. Any help is very much appreciated.


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