Light Elf 3.0 Release

After a nice longtime the rom is here and ready for public testing.




[downloadz file=”/theromz/” title=””]


  1. The sensitivity seem to be a little better, but since the Elf II doesn’t use the same capacitive touch-screen as the Nexus 7 (you know, the points grid on the Nexus 7’s screen?) it seem to be less sensitive to slight touches and movements on the screen. I can notice that while playing Subway Surfers. I can just flick my finger up very slightly on my Nexus 7 while it doesn’t seem to register half of the time on the Elf II.

  2. Thanks for the release, tragidy, very appreciate that you have that much of a patience! to bad for those idiot who broke the code.

    Anyway, does it need to apply the same SD storage swap zip IF i want to detect my External SD into Internal SD? which also mean the previous swap zip can be use again, or need new swap zip?

    Aso does this solve the dread battery indicator issue? my Elf still stuck on 100% (only if i charged through USB, and for some reason it somehow works again and then stuck again) when i flash your previous ROM (eg 2.5.3 version) directly from darkelf about some time ago. Because it so annoying i give my Elf full clean slate yesterday and re-flash 2.5.3 ROM back again. So far till now it didn’t stuck but i dread it will happen soon, as far is the only thing that still didn’t fully work since darkelf.

    And again, thanks for the hard work you’ve putting it.


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