Light ELF 2.5.6 Google Android Ainol ICS ROM

Grab the very latest version of light elf 2.5.6 powered by Google Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwhich with all the latest sync fixes from google and the AOSP project, this rom is exclusive to this page and is free for all to download.

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pwd XE87964366

Changes* New BusyBox time for the future!
* Android 4.0.4e latest updates and patches from Google.
* APEX Launcher returns its simply better….
* SD to MicroSD patch works!
* File Manager Updates
* New ZIP Alignment
* Auto battery fix on flash ( runs a bash script )
* QuickPic
* Task Manager
* Lower voltage attempts
* New Boot Animation
* YouTube 720p HD Edition BLACK
* Market Enabler
* Better Faster Networking

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  1. hello.

    thanks for this new rom. nice startup animation. Issue I have for the moment is the android keyboard that keeps crashing … I did a complete wipe/factory rest. Issue is still present. I’ll do more tests later today

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