Home Theater

A Home Theater PC is a dedicated device to serve your media or render your content to the television, monitor or mobile you are using, there are various roles that a htpc can play ranging from a dedicated device like the Roku which is a ‘ channel ‘ based media player and can be used right out of the box as a media player, while you could get a orange pi for a mere $15 to serve your data, another option would be using your own desktop computer as the media server then adding a light weight device like a chromecast or a android tv player like the new amazon fire tv sticks.

Some of the most powerful media players come in the form of an ARM based android operating system, and as such this allows users to modify or upgrade there devices with custom home brew roms, so if you are a hands on person or would like to run kodi, plex, netflix or hulu on a small box in your bed room then a android media player will serve you well.

HTPC and everything related to it has crossed over into the android world as we can use the high powered devices to playback even the hardest of codecs. With this knowledge we decided to make this section on dorkfiles, its a new section but we plan on adding more custom roms for android tv sticks, boxes and dongles.