Google I/O: Several factors you need to know about Google android TV.

Android TV Snapshot

Google I/O is coming and we must expect some exciting announcements on 25-26 August. While Google offers most things sorted within the mobile front and you will see evolutionary announcements within the Android OS entry, there is one area where Google have not tasted as a lot success as it would love to – the television platform. Thanks to reports in the Verge and just lately GigaOm, we are most likely going to understand the announcement of Android TV when it reaches this edition of Search engines I/O.

In your 2010 Google I/O, we had seen the announcement of Google TELEVISION, which attempted to mix the best of web and television. Companies such because LG and Sony had announced TVs having Google TV integration also. This was supposed to be bundled with main TV brands, but also for reasons best recognized by Google it wouldn’t taste roaring achievement, considering Eric Schmidt, the then CEO had proclaimed that a majority of TV sets might have Google TV aboard by 2012.

Google came out with two components products – your Nexus Q as well as the Chromecast – recently. Of these, the Nexus Q that is a streaming unit which required an additional screen device to be a remote control and can only play content off Google Engage in, Movies and Tv programs from the Search engines Play Store, has been discontinued by Search engines. On the different hand, Chromecast has been a successful device from Google when it comes to streaming content to your TV. However the quantity of apps which support the Chromecast is still rather limited.

Long story short, Google have not yet cracked the television platform. Will Google I/O 2014 note that changing? Only time will tell. But why don’t we see what could so far.

System, not hardware
Android TV is often a platform on which lots of video content vendors will build applications. This platform can be used by TV designers and set-top boxes to create streaming services for the TV. Unlike Google TELEVISION which had much the same philosophy, Android TV will give full attention to online media solutions and Android centered games.

Simple interfaces

Android TV could have a horizontal set of scrolling cards which represents different varieties of content – Tv programs, movies, apps and games. There is any universal search bar at the top where you can either type your search expression or speak out your search term as it really does voice searching also. This definitely seems inspired by Amazon’s Fireplace TV which helps voice input regarding searching video content. According to Gigaom, the inner codename Pano essentially lets the applications place individual content cards close to the homepage (instead of just the iphone app logo) which reduces navigational steps toward approaching content.

Wide-spread search across applications
Google TV has been about every video clip service providing app having its own content, and you must enter the app to search the content inside of it. With Android TV, Google is planning undertake a universal search regarding content across applications. So if you are interested in a TV show, it needn’t specifically be from in a particular app (although you will see a provision to complete that). Also good documents obtained by Verge, Google gets developers to develop apps that have consistent interfaces. Big names such as Hulu, Netflix, Vevo etc are already noticed in the screenshot.


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