Google I/O 2014 Preview: Android 5.0, Nexus 8, Silver, Glass and Smartwatch

Google’s yearly developer conference will begin in San Francisco upon Wednesday, 25 June and since we have seen in the last few years, that is where Google wants to show off bright new hardware, updates to the mobile and desktop software in addition to shoot for the particular moon ideas similar to Google Glass.

This 2014 managing involving Google I/O is placed for being the most important involving their variety still having main revisions supposed to Android, this Nexus hardware, and Google Glass, along with the full debut of the businesses fresh wearable software, Android Don smart watches.

Android is due a major update, with Android 4.4 (KitKat) coming eight months ago.

Google I/O 2014

We expect to see Android 5.0 rolled out at Google I/O this week with big importance placed on integration with the company’s new wearable platform Android Wear with a specific Android Wear app likely to be unveiled to allow you to monitor all devices connected to your smartphone or tablet, and alter how they connect and how often.

Google Now may also gain importance with Google’s reply to Apple’s Siri along with Microsoft’s Cortana Google Now the need to expand with regard to the services that supports, which presently include sports, open public transport, meetings along with stocks.

Add to the present better security – such as much talked with regards to kill switch — and improvements within how Android uses capacity to help improve battery pack life.

Visually there might be a major overhaul with the company rumored being moving towards any closer tie in between mobile and world wide web apps.

Google’s latest Android update may just be called Lollipop, taking place the company’s confectionery-based alphabetical naming convention.

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