Genie Custom ROM NOVA 10.1 V2


Earlier we were informed by tragidy that there was a custom rom in the works that would be released for the Allwinner A31 tablet known as the NOVA 10.1 sold from Chinese vendors like McBub, Pandawill and other similar vendors, all of these vendors promised upgrades to the firmware and they never did provide it so now tragidy is happy to announce a homebrew ROM built upon what was already present this is a community driven Android ROM for the Allwinner NOVA 10.1 Version 2 lineup namely known as Genie not because its magic just because nobody thought it would happen.


As of this post the rom is uploaded and active to download on our web servers, since we have A LOT of mail about this already we have decided to release sets of keys in waves to allow users a fair chance at downloading, keys will be provided in the comments until we no longer offer keys at that point we will decide which direction we will take with future distribution of the ROM.

While we were never passed an official patch notes we do know the highlights are…. DE-bloated minfree dalvik and market tweaks overall better ROM in the long term of the nova tablet or at least that is the goal of the rom, tragidy is known to create roms that work right out of the box and will need minimal updating as he hooks the apps properly into the market you wont have to worry about things becoming predated, unlike cyanogen mod which is indeed a cool os variant to the android operating system and we would love to see it ported to the nova one day. tragidy stays true to android by providing us a stable light weight efficient rom for all nova 10.1 version 2 owners around the world based on the AOSP project.

Enjoy the mind blowing 4000mbps speed of dorkfiles download source.

Download Firmware

The first batch of keys are posted below for posterity.
Dork Files Download KeysMore keys may be found in the comments thread as they are released.


  1. From the image posted above from the random generator.

    Download Key
    : NA31V2-15708-4648084640-804910-FORMI-85
    Download Key: NA31V2-53090-7403631210-481250-CCWXR-59
    Download Key: NA31V2-49797-1533634185-326373-HMNMN-69
    Download Key: NA31V2-80388-2344219207-985238-FYYUN-23
    Download Key: NA31V2-32189-8348615646-404913-TJQSZ-40
    Download Key: NA31V2-31076-7793249130-317202-FOTOS-92
    Download Key: NA31V2-34232-5911113739-534729-YXSQZ-41
    Download Key: NA31V2-65856-1037769317-191082-QINIV-60
    Download Key: NA31V2-75052-1042585372-356460-YETSN-82
    Download Key: NA31V2-74412-5234136581-256961-LRDAU-25
    Download Key: NA31V2-67808-6526239395-907345-TMTEY-56
    Download Key: NA31V2-98434-4996026992-988943-FTOZQ-43
    Download Key: NA31V2-81181-2604927062-281665-GAGYK-40
    Download Key: NA31V2-20228-7065233230-427606-TGHYI-42
    Download Key: NA31V2-35431-5353038787-249279-XODFB-85
    Download Key: NA31V2-56055-4230819702-953338-ZYFYI-82
    Download Key: NA31V2-70496-6236146926-130822-GHDUP-95
    Download Key: NA31V2-10909-2767578125-979800-KKHVB-36
    Download Key: NA31V2-82973-4801319122-189300-BMQXK-47
    Download Key: NA31V2-60914-3569452285-299063-RQSQD-87

  2. Hey,

    I was able to get a copy using one of the keys above, great stuff but I was wondering will you be able to port over android 4.3 to this?

    Even if not its all good this rom makes the nova tablet much better for me, it was a bookend until today.

  3. Next wave of down-loaders get ready!

    Here is a fresh list of download keys to access the download.

    Download Key: NA31V2-93665-1674560546-120596-LUYPI-71
    Download Key: NA31V2-95924-5660766601-467999-UAULY-94
    Download Key: NA31V2-63814-5207010269-886856-IPPAY-39
    Download Key: NA31V2-91555-3167987823-411880-AACUJ-53
    Download Key: NA31V2-51707-1752441406-901739-YUOKV-84

  4. Makes me happy to see many users flock to the ROM like this, its a shame the company’s that made the tablet could not just keep their word on upgraded versions, oh well boys and girls enjoy it.

  5. Well then I’m ready for more testers now not this evening.

    Download Key: NA31V2-67620-4581758499-750350-SILQH-90
    Download Key: NA31V2-26597-9826528549-771810-BGOHP-52
    Download Key: NA31V2-88552-8965782165-711633-LDGNV-54
    Download Key: NA31V2-37323-6996698379-736795-DPOAT-47
    Download Key: NA31V2-22595-6960168838-469750-TSALY-25
    Download Key: NA31V2-54255-9954320907-696875-HPKVS-50
    Download Key: NA31V2-97013-1503204345-223907-RMEWN-48
    Download Key: NA31V2-56867-2898071289-225042-UJYEZ-82
    Download Key: NA31V2-36365-4759170532-184600-LBQPF-57
    Download Key: NA31V2-20391-9666002273-469998-UAVVE-53
    Download Key: NA31V2-56317-9892715454-970828-ICTEZ-76
    Download Key: NA31V2-76848-4930011749-351202-FZCJG-13
    Download Key: NA31V2-69484-1783502578-850131-WISMM-57
    Download Key: NA31V2-81655-1817268371-858374-LTELN-46
    Download Key: NA31V2-33026-2423601150-778744-RQYCN-83


  6. The admin failed to mention that if you have ad-blocker enabled the keys will never work, ever.

    To simplify an otherwise advanced statement the reason the ad blocker has to be disabled is… They detect the input and download link as an advertisement much like on other sites like putlocker or mediafire at times, its simply a false positive and out of our control, simply disable the adblocker, refresh the page and try a key we have a few un-used still in the ones posted here.

    • Link is correct the javascript does the rest, the key will do nothing if an adblocker is detected or the key was used, were getting quite a bit of traffic right now too more are incoming!

  7. More keys, these ones work twice before expiring.

    Multi KEY: NA31V2-30901-6489030838-918157-OQEPJ-782
    Multi KEY: NA31V2-86991-8916400909-401470-TTWOG-208
    Multi KEY: NA31V2-79757-9211837768-244372-WLUVE-429
    Multi KEY: NA31V2-34466-2831964492-410739-QCHEO-561
    Multi KEY: NA31V2-57998-7021442413-231997-VWDSF-648
    Multi KEY: NA31V2-85137-1524116516-920233-CFPBJ-529
    Multi KEY: NA31V2-11184-8146760940-602853-ZRIXI-705
    Multi KEY: NA31V2-91257-2111463546-697442-LNKJM-927
    Multi KEY: NA31V2-81359-4081529617-730886-BJEAT-810
    Multi KEY: NA31V2-16702-4896188735-556933-UEZUF-343

    Panada chi
    DorkFiles Staff

  8. Alrighty then, now the support requests are starting to pour in, keys will be limited for the weekend there may be one or two everynow and then but right now we want to fix any known issues then re-release a updated version.

    Don’t worry if you don’t get in this wave of invites there will be another

  9. Download Key: NA31V2-44094-3794488906-788775-XTOIH-139
    Download Key: NA31V2-45496-1578424453-746240-YFPGQ-497
    Download Key: NA31V2-70924-5635698318-263684-ZTUQG-725

  10. Download Key: NA31V2-26986-5965162277-784945-OFWWV-358
    Download Key: NA31V2-82961-1264436721-645520-UTWQC-875
    Download Key: NA31V2-19425-5240074157-889276-EKYWJ-35
    Download Key: NA31V2-62103-3799293518-616067-MTJBX-527
    Download Key: NA31V2-37446-3214941024-615124-IHEFO-66
    Download Key: NA31V2-30388-5072381973-292495-UZQDP-345
    Download Key: NA31V2-69097-6393386840-682254-VKSOF-43
    Download Key: NA31V2-82683-6343629837-127496-HPSEB-613
    Download Key: NA31V2-38801-2235357284-897695-SQKVR-439
    Download Key: NA31V2-75607-5699106216-996633-IGPMN-311
    Download Key: NA31V2-23436-3635297775-816983-GKRIE-444

  11. have 3 nova 10 allwinner a31 tablets with V4.1.1 Kernel version 3.3.0 Build # fiber_A1003TA-eng4.1.1 MASTER ENG.LDJ.20130115.095145 test-keys. will this ROM upgrade work? reply appreciated, THANKS!!

  12. Last wave of keys

    One Time Key: NA31V2-26676-9795093536-507458-DEKYH-6041
    One Time Key: NA31V2-53104-2932607650-498605-VZEHJ-5317
    One Time Key: NA31V2-11746-5146614074-761050-ZOYME-8630
    One Time Key: NA31V2-14172-2427488327-870391-ISLBX-1429
    One Time Key: NA31V2-47429-1888912200-580056-FZANO-7717
    One Time Key: NA31V2-65872-5321830749-281188-FFNQB-1481
    One Time Key: NA31V2-95950-2703378677-689486-IXQDE-3083
    One Time Key: NA31V2-75020-6986267089-511239-PSQCJ-6105
    One Time Key: NA31V2-44591-8134887695-535812-QXXTC-4893
    One Time Key: NA31V2-30569-5959672927-276260-XXGTZ-5466
    One Time Key: NA31V2-80971-8630939483-978735-ABSOS-5621
    One Time Key: NA31V2-29020-1733875274-699298-TODKI-4368
    One Time Key: NA31V2-19102-9896446228-427532-AIMPN-8549
    One Time Key: NA31V2-18911-7635345458-251345-ZSNTO-8531
    One Time Key: NA31V2-82067-4780826568-215945-VWSQQ-1048
    One Time Key: NA31V2-38928-7019517898-828488-ROVPJ-7567
    One Time Key: NA31V2-48446-6930381774-255093-GRSVW-1887
    One Time Key: NA31V2-37675-8391427993-414782-IGWZZ-4298
    One Time Key: NA31V2-87193-2657970428-618209-KJKZT-6960

  13. I just wanted to say thanks for the wonderful rom makes owning a a31 some-what bearable thanks again for making this ROM for the otherwise forgotten tablet lineup your my personal hero tragidy keep up the good work.

    One request can you integrate black edition market into this one too in the followup release you mentioned on the key users board.

    Thanks again I’m so happy I was able to test this version.

  14. Works good but nothing is going to save the a31 processor its armv7 but this may be a start looks like tragidy has the memory actually being used in this rom.

    In stock the rom only used 361-402 ram ever and the rest just sat there looking pretty doing nothing for me.

    This version I can easily say the ram is provisioned much higher and as a payoff we get faster apps on our screen!

    I like your rom and have made a donation to keep this thing going!

  15. Had hard time flashing this but i am new at this stuff my tablet was easy to use after this update and had more features.

    I don’t know if this is possible but can you increase the quality of the cameras on the tablet?

    • I’m happy that you are enjoying the rom.

      Sadly the hardware cameras are low resolution in the tablet only thing I can do is make the JPG max quality which is already done.

  16. Remember kiddies these download keys are getting scarce we also have nulled the very first version due to a leak meaning that version has zero support now, blame pirates 🙂

    In any case V3 and V4 are still fine.

    V5 of the rom was just uploaded includes new su method and clocks are lower by default according to changes.svn

    Download Key: NA31V2-11420-2492733001-621249-AUBBJ-1759
    Download Key: NA31V2-61327-3321905136-414154-YRNTU-4628
    Download Key: NA31V2-57036-4267169952-871319-QASGN-7447

  17. Download Key: NA31V2-29639-4376840591-245431-CTLFK-9860
    Download Key: NA31V2-99841-3194013595-820526-KAJEV-4545
    Download Key: NA31V2-37813-3288072586-527862-RIBCM-4809
    Download Key: NA31V2-39304-6918457031-143219-QEBAM-4543
    Download Key: NA31V2-62113-2638250350-786294-YRJMA-9844
    Download Key: NA31V2-84192-9119543075-380169-YWCCH-8509

  18. Greetings,

    What makes you so special that a key should be reserved just for you aside from the consistent disregard for my works and that of the of this site and the nice admin who runs most of it she’s done nothing to you or has ever made a post saying anything back to all your vile spew..

    Get a life or get in line, this rom will be released as a pub download with no keys needed when I’m ready to release it to the general public, as you can see you are the perfect example of someone that I would prefer the rom not to be used by as you spew nothing but hate and generalized lameness.

  19. Hey everyone here are the very last batch of keys just posted on the irc chat room and facebook.

    Download Key: NA31V2-89412-6418888092-464700-BLPEE-4624
    Download Key: NA31V2-19527-3012559890-609649-CQODV-7211
    Download Key: NA31V2-90117-1235290527-188348-NANNR-8416
    Download Key: NA31V2-13296-5364570617-455303-OOWBR-4241
    Download Key: NA31V2-57945-1853351593-272671-JCCTA-5267
    Download Key: NA31V2-38719-2071430206-252822-OCCQJ-4041
    Download Key: NA31V2-62342-7107654571-792343-AIYEJ-5440
    Download Key: NA31V2-52756-6472127914-790704-ZRQGQ-2107
    Download Key: NA31V2-94475-4509229660-937704-XBHVE-1661
    Download Key: NA31V2-11656-1695283889-376831-QBTLC-8040
    Download Key: NA31V2-53118-1104448318-630316-BQWUR-5454
    Download Key: NA31V2-18851-1088428497-324737-OHIEZ-2458
    Download Key: NA31V2-63746-8671709060-693887-XQRZT-3780


    • I apologize if I am dense, but how does one access the IRC Chat room referenced here? Obviously, all of the keys have been used up and I would like to keep an eye out for the next batch.

  20. as the title says “Genie Custom ROM NOVA 10.1 V2”

    If you are looking for the V1 I think the black edition rom would be what you are looking for.

  21. Sorry 🙁 we want to let everyone have a chance to use the nova 10.1 rom and everyone will, this is just the way we release our software we want this wave of users to let us know of any issues if any.

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