Finding a Xbox One Elite Controller

If you are on a mission to find yourself a new xbox one elite edition controller you may be out of luck for quite sometime.

The particular Xbox One Elite Controller is becoming surprisingly popular due to the fact Microsoft launched the peripheral a year ago. So much making sure that Microsoft has also been hit with shortages just about since then as well. The reason for this is due to they totally underestimated the demand to the controller.

Speaking during the latest episode of Windows Weekly, Microsoft CMO Chris Capossella briefly touched upon the Elite Controller and the sheer demand for the product.

Here’s the product we totally underestimated. If I could have built 10 times the number I built, I would have. We got that feedback at E3 that it was awesome, but maybe the price was a little too high, and so that influenced how many we produced.On the Monday and Tuesday before Thanksgiving, myself and Kevin Turner our COO, and the guy who runs our stores, David Porter, we go around and visit 30 or 40 different stores. Best Buy and GameStop and AT&T and Verizon and Microsoft Stores, just to see how things look, and the one thing we heard from everybody was, ‘You needed to make way more of these controllers.’

Inside a new statement through Microsoft to Support Insider, they revealed that will they’re doing the very best they can to obtain stock out immediately, but we can expect shortages as far in the foreseeable future as March.

While the Xbox Elite wireless controller is sold out in many retailers around the world, we are working quickly to get more units in the hands of fans. We expect more units to arrive at retailers each week but supply may be limited through March 2016.

A common way you’ll manage to acquire a controller should be to either sit and also wait and hope any local retailer has one in store, or you can go to sites like ebay, where you’ll likely be paying figures approximately around £200/250. GAME is at present offering the controller by way of third-party seller regarding £200, so that’s probably your easiest bet right today.

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