Didn’t Get My Email? Check Your Gmail Spam Folder

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Junk filters and kitchen sink have some things in accordance.

Both suck decrease the waste you don’t want. Both will likely suck down the casual thing you complete want, like some sort of misplaced ring, or a message from a friend who uses exclamation points just like a kid eats chocolate and doesn’t know enough never to capitalize every some other word.

Here, though, is the spot that the analogy ends. Unlike your drain, your desktop spam filter is actually certainly the minute (or even third) process disposal for electronic mail. Unless you usually use webmail, in addition to religiously check the junk folder, I could almost guarantee you are missing emails that no-one would ever imagine are spam.

To blame here is Googlemail.

Awesome gMail Logo

Months ago, Google tightened in place its filtering algorithms and since that time Gmail users have been complaining about the too aggressive filtering.

This is no small issue: With 425 million users as of June 2012, Gmail has almost as many users as the next two largest services — Hotmail and Yahoo! – combined. In addition to consumer accounts, Gmail is the commercial mail provider of choice for 5 million businesses, making it the largest mail service in the world.

The particular spam filtering has effects on both commercial in addition to consumer accounts every bit as, explaining why you will be hearing — or perhaps NOT hearing — from clients concerning the resumes you’ve been sending, or the job orders they’ve been sending.

Attachments, it turns out, get special examination from Gmail’s filtration. Graymail, too, is being aggressively purged. Graymail is hundreds of newsletters, catalogs, discount coupons, and other mail the majority of us opt-in for (or ignore to opt-out of) in which often just stack up and clutter each of our Inbox, until 1 day, we just rub out the lot. By means of that act, Gmail may decide you think it’s all junk e-mail, and will for a long time filter it out there.

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