You get to choose the next android os name

December 18, 2015 Administrator 0

Google is evidently considering an online poll to choose the name associated with its next version associated with Android, Google CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER Sundar Pichai reportedly said at a student online community in new Dehli on Friday. Due to the […]

Canadian Government Probing VPN and Piracy

December 11, 2015 Administrator 0

New Government documents have shed some light on the future agenda points for online copyright enforcement. In a briefing for minister Mélanie Joly, officials from the Department of Canadian Heritage mention VPN pirates and website blocking as emerging issues and […]

How to use Cortana for Android

December 9, 2015 Administrator 0

Microsoft released Cortana for Android in beta several months ago, but now it is finally available for everyone. Cortana is Microsoft’s digital assistant for Windows 10 and mobile phones. It works similarly to Google Now and Apple’s Siri. Information is […]

Control facebook news feed lab

Facebook decides humans are lab rats

June 29, 2014 Administrator 3

So as usual the crowd running things at Facebook have brought us yet again another experiment done under the safety of the terms of service guile you are bound to. “All about controlling the feed” Facebook’s News Feed—the main list […]