Kit Kat hilariously mocks Apple

September 4, 2013 Administrator 0

Every corner, every edge, every finger of every bar has been carefully considered and crafted to create a beautifully immersive and multi sensory experience. That’s the opening line on the video, which is obviously mocking Sir Jony Ive. Within it, […]

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A new psychopath expert’s look at Dexter.

July 28, 2013 Administrator 2

Michael C Hall makes a convincingly charming and cunning serial killer in Dexter, says psychopath expert Kevin Dutton, but why is he so nice to his family? Self-analyst … Dexter. Photograph: Randy Tepper/AP We’ve met many psychopaths in the past, […]

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Spider Girl: a day at Comic-Con

July 22, 2013 Administrator 2

It is the last day of Comic-Con, and Linda Le is sitting in her hotel room in a black body match and 6-inch heels, delicately scrunching her long black hair in to a hairnet as she completes the transformation into […]

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Netflix is cropping the video streams

July 20, 2013 Administrator 3

July 20th, 2013 Netflix has responded to the outcry caused by a Tumblr page. The online page, ” What Netflix Does ” shows how the company crops the picture in streaming movies, destroying the original aspect ratio and framing while streaming to your TVs and PCs and any other device […]