If you are one of the many users looking to add a small box to your home for a HTPC experience then the TRONFY X2 is a great little quad core unit which is capable of complete HEVC playback along with all of your other favorite media codecs, all the way up to 4K Resolution. Other specifications of this TV box include 1GB DDR3 RAM, 8GB ofv NAND, h.264/265 support, and 2.4GHz g/n WiFi.

A known rom developer abdul_pt has repacked the firmware for the TRONFY X2 and has released it for the world to enhance their imported android set top box, we now present this rom to you including instructions and download links to get you started.

Download the Android ROM


  • Unpack or Unzip the downloaded file
  • Open Phoenix Suit, and select the image file you extracted
  • Power the device off. While it connected to the PC, insert a paper clip in the reset hole and press and hold it. Now press the power button.
  • A updating process should start automatically

Rom Features

  • TWRP, fully functional
  • Updated root and root apps
  • Updated Busybox for speed
  • Updated all Google apps and added some missing ones
  • Clean all that Dragon resource eater spyware crap
  • Added a Calculator, Gallery replaced LatinIME for LatinIMEGoogle, replaced Calendar for GoogleCalendar, replaced DeskClock for GoogleDeskClock
  • Added some preinstall apps. Terminal, Reboot, ES File Explorer, AdAway…
  • Added Nano text editor. Open Terminal and type nano
  • Added Bash enviroment. Open Terminal and type bash
  • Added init.d support. I put 3 scripts in there, one for buffer, one for userinit script and another for usb
  • I added a script to force PC connection. Open Terminal and type “” as root. Sometimes it requires you to run the script twice.
  • Increased TCP buffers
  • Added a Nexus 10 build.prop in system root in case you want to spoof your device.

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