AMPE NOVA A31 Quad Core Black Edition ROM

ampeTeam Tragidy presents…


AMPE / NOVA 10.1 / SANEI Google Android 4.2.2 Black Edition

Main Highlights of the firmware

  • ***!*** Hex(d) Kernel ***!***
  • Android 4.1.16 port to 4.2.2 (Allwinner 2.0 SDK A31)
  • Removed Google Tracking via pDroid
  • Zip aligned / ODEX / Blah blah..
  • Better Wifi signal placement, proper TCP Stack
  • Adobe Flash Player for JB & KLP
  • HTML 5 Supported for OGG Vorbis & webM
  • Entropy and I/O Extender an extension of SEEDER
  • Rooted with Super SU + Stop Annoying me mod XDA Approved.
  • YouTube Black Edition + 1080p MOD + 3G 720p
  • More space 2GB/data use App2SD if needed
  • NEW 4.0 Market ( Fastest/Newest Google Play store )
  • Ad Blocked by XDA Developer List
  • Customized TCP QoS 37.43% faster http/https connections.
  • ROM is English by default supports many more languages
  • Power Schemes Rebuilt in General to save battery life drastically.
  • Fantasys and Performance are amazing fast ( 1157mhz~ for best results )
  • 99.9% of non-system apps included can be removed with ease.
  • A promise that this will be the only ROM lineup you will ever need for your A31

Ready to download the ROM?

This download is an archived premium download, it was once freely hosted on our servers but as it ages we now only index it for V.I.P Members or those who would like to donate $2.00 or more. We allow the option to freely donate to the project, all donations will go towards the further development of the black edition lineup.

Download ROM

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Why Black Edition?















Simple. Black Edition Quad Core Allwinner A31 ROM is a ROM built upon one of the most openly built kernels back on the prototypes in mid 2012 meaning there are less hardware locks and more of an open source approach can be taken by using the open spots in the kernel which we have since filled to make an outstanding ROM suitable for anyone using a supported Allwinner A31 SoC Based Android Tablet Device or likewise, it should also be noted that we have booted a A31s edition device using this same kernel so try your luck if you must.

Confirmed Working Devices by DEVELOPERS

  1. AMPE A10 Quad Core Tablet
  2. NOVA 10.1 A31 Tablet ( Version 1 )
  3. SANEI XT Tablet Lineup
  4. Various Generic same setup tablets

This works like a charm with other devices, for example MOMO 19 or 20 you just need to fix the screen driver to work with momos screen so remove the current one and paste the one from momo stock to use, maybe someone wants to make a patch? We are always taking on new contributors.

A31 <strong class='lazyload StrictlyAutoTagBold'>Black Edition</strong> Antutu Score

A31 tragidy benchmark


Benchmark on Allwinner A31 Quad Core

YouTube 720p Black Edition


The latest changes to the black edition rom, and download links.

Black Edition 2.0 is in closed beta.

AMPE A31 Black Edition


Initial Public
1000+ fixes… see changelog.txt


Photo Sphere Working perfect in 4.2.2 Mode
New clock app should have no force close
New 4.X Market has been inverted from Black to Blue easier on the eyes and the black had issues with displaying app tiles so its fixed.
Removed usb debug whitelist hotfix, caused nand in/out errors
Removed useless drivers for devices not on the boards = better speed


Download ROM

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  1. I’d like to donate to this site, and try this rom out too…

    But when will we be able to get this on the novo 9 spark.

    Even the aokp port I’m using, while it’s a great port, has hdmi and hw+ playback issues. Which is why I bought the tablet in the first place.

  2. AMPE A31 Black Edition 0.94.01

    Photo Sphere Working perfect in 4.2.2 Mode
    New clock app should have no force close
    New 4.X Market has been inverted from Black to Blue easier on the eyes and the black had issues with displaying app tiles so its fixed.
    Removed usb debug whitelist hotfix, caused nand in/out errors
    Removed usless drivers for devices not on the boards = better speed

    Sync’d as much as I could from 4.1.2 to 4.2.2 before tragidy beta 01

  3. The fact that you guys accept CAD$ just made my day/week/month. Will there be a momo19hd version? The stock rom for that thing is a disgrace…

  4. Donated! If it’s half as good as you say, it’s gonna be wonderfull! I just hope it’s gonna work with the nextway F9X, otherwise I have to learn how to import the screendriver in a phoenixsuite image.

  5. Hi will the new black edition work with a newer nova 10.1 generic. Community rom had issues with the WIFI not switching on.

  6. Wow this site has a great deal of open source items.

    Donate and help keep the site alive

    Shame on anyone who says donating to get early releases is lame, you can donate bitcoin which is free and open source, no excuse to not support the project.

    Don’t have perverted ideas of open source like some of the other developers out there playing duck duck goose, these guys are the real deal I left my old forum site and came here never looked back seems the admins and half-devs yeah halfdevs… are upset but its ok because this is the best site on the net for allwinner tablet resources and it always will be.

  7. Remember everyone, theres is a non-donate version online at the black edition will be open to the public at one point in time or another as all my work is, as it currently stands the final beta is in the dorkfiles cloud, it has been datamined and is ready to go for final stage beta testing, all thats left to do in the beta phase is port the last of JB 4.2 apps over and re-skin the plain launcher with less re-draws then black edition 1.0 will be released to all who have donated, while I am already working on 1.0.1 which will be the stable version released to both donators and public users.

    I’m really happy to have alot of you supporting the project for the A31, its a cheap SoC but the Video card does shine and I wont stop developing on the A31 until we have a better performing rom then that which is currently availibe and no I’m not porting CM its a waste of time AOKP and AOSP Hyper is where its at any monkey can # ./configure and make CM using the SDK as long as you have a 2.0 kernel πŸ™‚ google people it has lots of details and if your not into making a rom then just check back, we have no intentions of NOT releasing this to the public, its just that we have donators and supporters who have donated to the site already, how would it be fair to release freely after they all just donated, incentive is what donators need and we give that to them, so go ahead donate! you can even just send bitcoins they are freely attained if you MUST have the rom in its current beta state then you must donate thats the current standings until 1.0.1 is released then 1.0 beta will be public or something of a similar nature.

  8. Uploaded for donators, awaiting admins approval to host in cloud.

    ISO: A31-Black-Edition-TRAGiDY-APR-2013.IMG
    SHA: B132E212BCB02A708B5EBF660A7572F46CE38EED

    This is the correct and absolute checksum, if what you download has any other then this it has been altered.

    • The dorkfiles staff have added it to the cloud, download link will be posted soon for donators private beta ended 15 minutes ago.

      And for those of you just waiting for that box to light up here are some download keys on us totally free.

      Download Pass: BLKEDN-91619-5689682006-199800-SFB
      Download Pass: BLKEDN-35019-1611288070-282952-XTN
      Download Pass: BLKEDN-16657-1166937828-396310-JLA
      Download Pass: BLKEDN-92579-1659298896-465267-XOO
      Download Pass: BLKEDN-66137-8388199806-633988-GKP
      Download Pass: BLKEDN-17234-2734761714-300427-SGZ
      Download Pass: BLKEDN-35138-3763941764-320569-RXR
      Download Pass: BLKEDN-41373-8133187294-718496-NVA
      Download Pass: BLKEDN-27672-2714811325-659125-CUN
      Download Pass: BLKEDN-74204-5188256740-479032-BZK

  9. Download Pass: BLKEDN-71932-6716920852-453216-MNR
    Download Pass: BLKEDN-76735-6798576831-459209-EAU
    Download Pass: BLKEDN-25971-4679833889-550350-CUV
    Download Pass: BLKEDN-73214-1631857872-909076-NOG
    Download Pass: BLKEDN-26065-9107163429-243888-CGG
    Download Pass: BLKEDN-78025-6284313678-199263-ZUX
    Download Pass: BLKEDN-55732-1356361389-809323-QUF

  10. Greetings,

    I would like to clarify that the password has been given to all donators, and at a later point or at a point where the password or image is leaked there will be a public download link, until then there is the current community edition that you can use.

  11. Thanks a lot for your hard work!! The Rom looks great!!
    I never thought any1 would do anything for the ampe A10 XD

  12. Any chance of there being a patch for the momo19hd (v01 board)? The stock rom is crashing with the newest play store hahaha. Thanks in advance!

  13. Ξ‘re you going to support the Ainol Novo 9 (A31, Retina)? I am very willing to support you guys and donate…Thanx a lot

  14. Hiya,

    Many thanks for the pass. All flashed to my Ampe/Sanei 10.1 tablet. Seems to be working fine. Will feedback when I get more time to play with it. Thanks for the efforts look forward to Rev 2


  15. hey i would like to know how to unpack these .img files … i have a momo20 and would like to use this rom. i have tried all sorts of methods but they dont work … i am running windows 8 though

  16. Hi:

    I can’t see the bluetooth device in settings, only Wifi

    Anyone else with this problem? Anyone knows how to solve it?

    best regards

  17. Hi, i flashed your rom in my momo 19 hd tablet and your rom erased/updated the eeprom of the touchscreen chip and now i cannot use my tablet anymore even with the original rom. Can you help me ?

  18. Please provide compatibility pack for momo19hd or give detailed instruction how to chnge screen drivers many thanks

  19. I already tried to flash original rom with phoenix suite but the touchscreen is still broken. When i flashed your rom after the reboot the screen was black, no images but the rom loaded correcty ( i can acces it with adb). Thisa is my dmesg with original rom:
    [ 10.217379] IC :Focal ft5x06
    [ 10.217385] AUTHOR :[email protected]
    [ 10.217392] VERSION:2013-04-01_19:59
    [ 10.217397]
    [ 10.217410] [FUN]ft5x_ts_init
    [ 10.237548] i2c-core: driver [ft5x06_ts] using legacy suspend method
    [ 10.237563] i2c-core: driver [ft5x06_ts] using legacy resume method
    [ 10.747465] addr:0x38,chip_id_value:0x8
    [ 10.747480]
    [ 10.747484]

    [ 10.747488] +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
    [ 10.747495] ++++++ ft5x06 used +++++++++
    [ 10.747502] +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
    [ 10.748392] input: ft5x06_ts as /devices/virtual/input/input2
    [ 10.748883] ==register_early_suspend =
    [ 10.766009] m_inet_ctpState return true,just return
    [ 10.806334] m_inet_ctpState return true,just return
    [ 10.865100] m_inet_ctpState return true,just return
    [ 10.924929] m_inet_ctpState return true,just return
    [ 10.976155] m_inet_ctpState return true,just return
    [ 11.062897] m_inet_ctpState return true,just return
    [ 11.145855] m_inet_ctpState return true,just return
    [ 11.215343] m_inet_ctpState return true,just return

    Can you help me?

    • If you re flashed your old firmware and the screen does not work then you obviously have a hardware issue not software as when you reload your own operating system image file it would have the given display device drivers.


      AMPE / NOVA 10.1 / SANEI Google Android 4.2.2 Black Edition

      If yours is not one of these devices then its not supported by the author, we have verified that Nova 10.1 Version 1 android tablet works, momo19 v1 with comp pack from third party works, ampe A10 flagship works, Sanei n10 ultimate works and NOVA v2 works but needs a drop in to get wifi to turn on.

      In black edition 2.0 or 1.99.98 there are more supported devices however this rom is private at this time and tragidy is currently away working for rock chip over-seas so there will be a delay in 2.0 being released however your donations and support will ensure a faster development as we can then offer developers incentive to release more roms or compatibility packs.

      • I’ve read several link about the problem with touchscreen not working after installing some custom rom and the problem seems to be the ft5x_ts.ko module programming the eeprom of the touchscreen.
        Does your rom update the touchscreen eproom? Can you give me the ft5x_ts.ko you used so i can check if it support the update of the eprrom?

  20. Hi! i install the A31 Black Edition. All things goes well about installation. But i don’t have WiFi.
    My tablet is a Star Tab 10,1″ , A31 Quad, 2GB ram, 16 GB Rom.
    What do you suggest about this?
    Regards George

    • Its using a different wifi driver then the one supported in this rom, unless a developer or a community makes a comp pack or repacks the rom then the only thing you can do is adb push the wifi driver.

  21. Is there a How-To somewhere that explains how to replace a screen driver in an IMG file? Have a momo19 myself and love to try this ROM.


  22. Hello, is it normal that the camera is not working?
    And how can I change the Play Store to the normal theme?
    (Ampe a10 Allwinner a31)

  23. Now that the new NOVA rom is ready, can we hope for the second release of the A31 black editon rom. The first edition is great but things like bluetooth are missing and that is a real pain.

  24. Wtf? After I installed this rom my camera stop working. Now I’m on the original Rom from Szampe, but the camera don’t work!!
    Please help me! .__. Do I need some drivers?!

  25. Flashed my new Ampe A31 with this Black Edition and was working great but had just one problem in that I seemed to auto update SU. I tried Titanium backup after and It said it was not rooted as the su binary was missing so I had to flash it again. I turned off auto update in Google play to stop it happening again.

    I did read something on another forum about the signatures not matching which causes the problem? so maybe there is an easier fix.

    However, many thanks for this ROM as I now have a better and rooted tablet and a donation will follow tomorrow.

    • Hello,

      This is strange never heard of this type regression bug in the rom, I’m sure tragidy will want to be hands on with this but I would not expect a fix to the current rom, I would instead look towards black edition 2.0 πŸ™‚

  26. you unzip the file with the key.( changed1)
    but the copy fails.(key)! C:\Users\odicalp2\Downloads\A31-Black-Edition-TRAGiDY-APR-2013.7z: Unknown method in A31-Black-Edition-TRAGiDY-APR-2013.img
    ! C:\Users\odicalp2\Downloads\A31-Black-Edition-TRAGiDY-APR-2013.7z: Error – operation failed

      • hey! i just got your ROM and… the first issues i found are
        -screen not working
        -vol+ is home (physical button)
        -vol- is back (physical button)

        I do make the “small” addition: i put it on a CHUWI V10 (a31, 2gb ram, 1280×800 px…. all is identical on paper)

        is there any way you could make a patch zip to make the screen to work? that is all I would need.
        I will donate, no questions asked!

        if you need the original ROM, i can provide it (as i always keep it for back-up purposes)

        • Tragidy has already commented on third party packages unless there is a vast community wanting this item he’s not dedicating time to off brands anymore, this ampe thing was a one time deal we were all lucky to get a custom rom for this tablet.

      • a small correction: the touch capability is down, as in: the digitizer is not working cause everything else is just fine and dandy

  27. Hi Im seriosuly having trouble, no matter what i try i cant flash my ampe using either live suit or phoenix. Ive tried all the button holding and 10 or 6 presses but computer wont bring it up. Any help would be great. Thanks in advance, Tim

    • Sure can you take a picture of your tablet front and back with a small item next to it for proportional like a coke can or lighter anything really.. then I’m going to be willing to bet your tablet is an AMPE but not an allwinner a31 version.

  28. Mostly I like, stable and no lockups! just a couple of buaboos that I would like to get fixed!!
    Have to push wait often for apps to load! It times out! Also the “dish anywhere” loads and works fine but it will not play as it drops out to the main screen just before the video is loaded!! Says “downloading” then poof back to main screen! I can not watch live or dvr from my Ampe a10! All other video sources work fine!! any suggestions!!

    • did a factory data reset and re installed all apps and the problems seem to be corrected!! no more ‘waits’ and dish anywhere app is working!!

  29. I’ve actually got the ROM but, even though the CHUWI V10 I put it on is an Allwiner A31 and it’s the first ROM which I tried to keep the touch functionality, it still does not work: camera is non existent :'( mem-card as well, no wifi…
    at least the touch works.
    hope one of these updates will support my tablet properly…
    thanks for the effort anyway πŸ™‚ keep it up!

    • Right now this is probably the most popular rom for the AMPE and SANEI A10 tablets using the quad core A31, however I do agree trag could bring it updated at any time he however is not like some of the other authors who keep releasing every day or so, there’s no need to re flash a device everyday hence the black edition it was made stable and a better alternative for most users, to get him to make anything newer would require a reason for doing so or at least thats what he has stated in interviews in the past.

      I +1 lets get him to make black edition 2 public or just give it to us…

  30. hi i found a stock rom (i think) which return my tablet in normal! Wifi works perfect!
    The rom is Nova A31 v1.31.
    The details from the tablet are:
    Model number: Softwiner
    Android ver: 4.1.1
    Baseband ver: 1.31
    Kernel 3.3.0 [email protected]
    Build no: fiber_AT1003TA-eng 4.1.1 MASTER 20130228.

    Maybe will be usefull for a re-pack of black edition with drivers from this image.
    Thanks George

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