Allwinner Devices

Allwinner is a Micro processing company out of mainland China,  they are widely used in imported hardware such as android tablets, sticks, single board computers to name a few. Chances are if you ever shopped for a media player box, a imported tablet or the likes then you have noticed allwinner products, they were founded in 2007 and have since grown to be a rather large force in the ARM processing community, with over 15 definable SoC’s they certainly are a contender for android powered devices, hence this section dedicated to the allwinner lineup.

We have list of our current Allwinner ROMS

Allwinner A13

Find an affordable Allwinner A13
  1. Momo 9 III
  2. Momo 9 GSM Edition

Allwinner A31/A31S

Q102 10.1″ Quad Core Google A31 Android 4.4 KitKat Tablet
  1. AMPE 10.1 A31 Black Edition
  2. MOMO9 HD
  3. NOVA 10.1 Version 1
  4. NOVA 10.1 Version 2 STOCK
  5. NOVA 10.1 Version 2 VIPER
Atoah 10″ Octa Core A83T 2GB RAM 32gb Android

Allwinner H3

Mifanstech X2 Android H3 Quad-core Smart Tv Box
  1. Super Celeron Beelink X2 ROM
Tronsmart Draco H3 Allwinner Quad Core 1GB/8GB 4K  H.265 OTA Android TV Dongle