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  1. Great news, thanks Tragidy! Btw, this is for the nova tablet…a generic A31 right?

    To make it work with the Ainol Spark would the spark drivers need to be integrated or should it work as is?

    • There will be a form activated soon that you will be able to upload your roms wifi and other misc drivers as we have the official A31 dev board we can emulate any driver on a basic level but its not efficient for a powerful tablet to use a generic driver.

      Soon you can upload the drivers and get on the to-do list or priority list depending on demand and my spare time, I do this for free.

  2. will the firmware change with change in design??
    i am designing a tablet based on A31. But i dont have much knowledge about the software side. Do we need induvidual drivers for each module in the s/m like wifi, bluetooth, touch driver etc Or will the firmware do all that?

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