Ainol ELF II : Light ELF 2.6.0 ICS Final Edition

Greetings fellow ELF-II users, many of you are currently using my Light ELF 3.0 Jelly Bean ROM which is considered a beta still, and there are those of you who wanted a final release here it is, it worked on 5/5 of our test tablets so without further wait time here is Light ELF 2.6.0 the last Ice Cream Sandwich rom that will be created by the lightelf rom development team for the ainol elf 2 tablet.

Light Elf Android ROM

As always you can get full support, talk, chit chat and more like the download p4s sw0r d at our official development sponsor who have been working actively on behalf of the light elf team to keep roms flowing, and a huge thanks to

[downloadz file=”/theromz/” title=””]


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