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We are strictly geek, gamer, dork , enigma website so please keep this in mind as we would like our advertising to be on par with our high quality content and provide our valued viewers a clean enjoyable ad viewing experience.

Our entire website is modular and the content is moveable at anytime to basically anywhere we want however these are the current space we would like to offer you for advertising. Got other ideas for your ad? No worries let us know.



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We also know and understand the value of every single ad as some are for SEO some are for point of sale, it all depends on your setup but either way our site is ready to handle your advertising campaign from a simple text link to a HTML 5 animation our websites platform will support the ad for the desired affects. Remember when placing a bid for ad-space you should always inform us of the ad-type, your desired time commitment, links to the content you want to advertise and lastly we do not allow adult X rated websites to be advertised on this website.

Our advertising is sold in the form of private bidding all matters are on a per-case basis, this allows us to work a flexible deal with you, also the longer you commit the better value we can offer you.



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