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DorkFiles.com is a free online and premium paid resource for those seeking to find Android ROMS, News, Help, and even Ideas for everyday life with your mobile devices or with your computers at home, dorkfiles knows no bounds we offer file hosting for open source developers, such as Google Android ROM projects, or any other project that is a worthy open cause that could use another mirror, or a direct hosting provider at no charge to the developer, we actually operate on a user funded level where donations are sent directly to the developer where applicable.

We know girls!
We know girls!

Our blazing fast high availability cloud servers are combined at a total of 196GBps and  4 x 1000mbit(s) per server node, all of our services are also ddos protected by CloudFlare Technology allowing us to remain online even when we are working on the back-end of our website, so we offer a virtual 100% up-time for all of our services. also we do not bandwidth limit or rate limit any of our visitors we simply offer a clean website with accurate and good information about everything, and everyone but we will focus mainly on the Google android project at this time but as previously mentioned we will offer hosting to any worthy cause so if you are the creator of something oh so very geekery then contact us we will help you get your project seen by real users that want your software.

We are dorkfiles, we are one… all of your base are belong to us


  1. I want to tell you something,
    some browsers (like android browsers cant download anything on this site) -1kb file and “download completed”

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