Vine hits 40 million new users, but how many are usually active?

The Twitter-owned video sharing program Vine is announcing nowadays that it’s racked up 40 million new users — a massive increase in the 13 million it declared in early June. But while it’s a major accomplishment for the Grape vine team, the 40 million number doesn’t tell the full story.

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The massive increase coincides with the release of a great Android app that in itself was likely responsible for most the surge. Much more importantly, the 40 million figure gives not any indication of activity level around the service. In August, MarketingLand looked on Topsy analytics in addition to noted that the number of Vine shares chop down dramatically on August 20th, the similar day that Instagram launched its competing movie service. Looking on Topsy today, we identify that Instagram is still accumulating about six times as much tweets per day time as Vine, although there are a variety of factors on play: Instagram offers photo sharing in addition to video, and neither figure counts the number of shares that don’t make it outside their respective myspace.

Twitter isn’t releasing active user figures either, making it difficult to gauge how many of those 40 million accounts are lying dormant. In short, Vine’s announcement is an important milestone for the service, but the battle for video sharing supremacy is far from settled.

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