Momo 9 III A13 Android ROM December 2012

The all new updated version of the A13 rom for your momo 9 device.

Android 4.0.4 SVN December 19th, 2012

When you first boot this A13 ROM it will be in Chinese and you have to select your language manually.
120×120 DPI adjustable tablet –> large phone using custom allwinner app
160×160 and so on will also work simply download system tweaker or allwinner app

I take no liablity or responsiblity for this ROM

Android 4.0.4
Name:  at-dev.png<br /><br /><br />
Views: 18373<br /><br /><br />
Size:  9.6 KB

From now on we will offer one location for the rom, will be the exclusive download location
If you have downloaded the ROM elsewhere I cannot offer support or guarantee the cleanliness of the ROM as it can be tampered with.

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207 Responses to “Momo 9 III A13 Android ROM December 2012”

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  2. newlifemp4 says:

    help me all winer a13

  3. TOKAM KAPTUE says:

    Hi ,

    What is the password please ?


  4. pop says:

    help me all winer a13

  5. markreale says:

    how i get the password ?thx

  6. Daniel says:

    ty very much

  7. Dan says:

    cual es la contraseña

  8. bettyblue says:

    Hi… I’ve been trying to look for that firmware for the longest time. Can I get the password to download that file? I really need to fix this bricked tablet for my dad. Thanks! Merry Christmas

  9. bettyblue says:

    Also… since you’re posting the firmware.. I’m assuming you have the tablet to play around with too. I’m current stuck in Android System Recovery 3e. I can’t flash anything as when I add the roms to the external and select it to flash, I get the error E:Signature Verification Failed. Can you help with that? Or no clue about what I’m talking about? Thanks again!

  10. amran says:

    How can I get the password?? please help to download this file!

  11. Please says:

    Password? Please…….!!!!!

  12. anon123450987765 says:

    password please…thanks

  13. hristofor says:

    Please give me the password because i must fix my brocken tablet ..I flashed the wrong rom and now the screen doesnt work..;(

  14. dirtdiver says:

    after you get the firmware how do you flash it on? i’ve been trying to use livesuit and phoenix and it doesn’t work. Can you put up a walkthrough or a guide? thanks also my computer does not pick up the drivers for the tablet. do you have the drivers for it?

  15. toss it says:

    The password to download is updated

  16. anim says:

    please give me the pass

  17. duff says:

    password plz~~~T_T i need help~~~
    my tablet can flash but cant touch!!!T_T

  18. patje29 says:

    hello i would like to try your rom for mu mid m712 is this possible ? and how do i get the password?

  19. darth says:

    to all the people asking for password..Plse read the thread first for god sake..
    The passwod is updated..updated

  20. centrip says:

    can you gv me the password..please…i need that..tnx

  21. jymboche says:

    Hi There. How do we get the password to download? I’m interested in testing this rom on my device.

  22. Miro says:

    May I get password, please?

  23. george says:

    password is =updated

  24. Dan says:

    Hey dude! What’s the password for this awesome thing? Girlfriends tablet locked at the android logo allwinner a13 generic crappy thing :)

  25. shen says:

    can you all read this “the password to download is updated”
    that’s mean the password = updated

  26. Concerned Citizen says:

    For everyone who’s wondering, the password is “updated”… there’s a bit of text before the download that says “The password to download is updated” and I thought it just meant that someone had updated the password… but no, the password is LITERALLY the word “updated”

  27. Roger Stairs says:

    Please let me have the password for the download? I have an Allwinner (generic) A13 Android 4.0 tablet that will not power on. My computer also will not completely recognize the tablet either. It states that device needs a new driver but it “knows” that there is a device plugged into the usb port.

  28. Manny says:

    password please.

  29. nashren says:

    how can i know the password

  30. juan says:

    PASS: updated

  31. AJS says:

    wow. its erm…….. updated….. ?!?!

  32. Combat Gerbil says:

    For those asking for the password, read the initial post, the password is updated, literally.

    Thanks Tragidy, awesome work, excellent Rom on the Momo9II. Better speed and responsiveness over all, a whopping 1000+ points better score on Antutu over the last rom (now 3595 on average, was 2265)

  33. davidwi910 says:

    updated es la contraseña

  34. WTF says:

    lolz my bad, i didnt it carefully, sorry . The password is


    you damn confused us lolz

  35. Martin says:

    how i get the password, please ?

  36. ashley says:

    read it
    The password to download is updated

    type in updated

  37. thechupax says:

    the pass is updated

  38. Ben putt says:

    rom runs grate but wraps around about on inch on the bottom my screen is 8 in pls help

  39. updated says:

    The password to download is


  40. mong says:

    may i have your rom please

  41. hansol2007 says:

    contraseña es updated

  42. william says:

    is this still a 3.0.8+ kernel, any chance you could post the deconfig fot the kernel?

  43. PETROS says:


  44. Nurmazwan says:

    Request a password

  45. William says:

    Password is IQ test. READ


      i didnt need the password just use your email… if u need passsword write “updated” =)

      yo no necesite contraseña, solo pon tu email si te pide la contraseña escribe “updated” =)

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  47. Erwin Galang says:

    hello! please send me password. thanks!

  48. Just Nicks says:

    Password: updated

  49. Keirallyn says:

    Can I get the password please? My daughter locked herself out of her tablet!!!

  50. carlos says:

    ola cual es la contraseña¿?

  51. voo says:

    So how do we able to get the pasword to download the file ?

  52. voo says:

    a little bit confusing but affordable .. to find out the password I mean, Thanks

  53. miguel says:

    la contraseña por favor

  54. rinat9853 says:

    please, give me password

  55. Zikri says:

    The file can’t OPENNN !!!

  56. Brian Smith says:

    password please>>>

  57. Harry says:

    The password is “updated”

  58. gabriel says:

    Necesitamos la rom kapo,pone el password

  59. Just nicks says:

    for file download the Password is : updated

    updated is the password for this file ok ppl
    hope u guys got it this time
    best of luck

  60. doktormobil says:



  61. daredavid says:

    good which is the key?

  62. kenshin says:

    pass plz 😉

  63. Oscar says:

    Please send me the pass THX :)

  64. modding mad says:

    omg how many times have you guys got to ask for the password //

    password is———–>>>> UPDATED <<<————-YES THE WORD UPDATED IS THE PASSWORD




  65. […] 4.0.4 Hyper Edition ] – detta anche MOMO9 QUI IL LINK DOVE SCARICARLA – LA PASSWORD E' UPDATED Momo 9 III A13 Android ROM December 2012 QUI QUALCHE INFO SULLA ROM [ROM] Ployer/Generic 7" A13 [ Android 4.0.4 Hyper Edition ] Il […]

  66. Peri says:

    hola necesito contraseña

  67. Oliver says:

    i love the password. good joke :o)

  68. Daniel says:

    Excellent. I typed the password “updated”, clicked download and received my “Save file as..” dialog, but after a few seconds the download completes and the file is 0 bytes. I’ve attempted this on several machines/browsers/operating systems, all with the same result. Any suggestion on what may be causing the my issue would be greatly appreciated.

  69. Chris says:


    Sorry i don’t get how to download the file, when i click the download button (black bar at the top) i get that no download file is specified, and i don’t see a download button in the body of webpage, could you provide some advice please?

  70. Sean says:

    Is there a mirror? I am hoping to get this today. Links fixed soon? Does that mean today? or in a week?

  71. Sean says:

    PLEASE CAN WE GET THIS FILE AVAILABLE? It downloads but nothing in it!

  72. PhoenixUK says:

    I have the same issue, I see the “Download The ROM” link, click it and it opens a save dialogue saying the file size is 283MB and I then save to my desktop but downloads within a second and it’s obviously empty doing this.

    If I open it, I get the following error; “The archive is either in unknown format or damaged”.

    So I’m still no closer to getting these two tablets back up and running without this specific ROM.

  73. ANMThu says:

    Admin, can you please send/attach me the rom to my email, because i need to upgrade my Momo9 Tablet! :)

  74. christos says:


  75. le quang phuoc says:

    lease sen to me Momo 9 III A13 Android ROM origil

  76. le quang phuoc says:

    lease sen to me Momo 9 III A13 7 inch Android ROM origil
    Thank you

    Viet nam

  77. admin says:

    Perfect updated!

  78. admin says:

    4.1.2 was released

  79. kent says:

    where to downlaod>?????

  80. Ken says:

    Is this link still working? I have entered my email several times and am unable to find a download link.


  81. Josh says:

    Well I tried 2 different email address and nothing happens. Tried several times at that.

  82. trytryrt says:


  83. Obajt says:

    Is there a chance to create Anrdoid 4.2.2 for Allwinner A13 tablet ? Or do you continue upgrading your projects for this chip ?

  84. Alex says:

    password please :)

  85. Droid.Manic says:

    In the comments above, it says the ROM is updated to 4.1.2, but the download link still sends the 4.0.4. Is it gonna be available soon?

  86. DarkAm says:

    i hate this updated rom… got so many problem on my tablet…

    can u sent the old android 4.0.4 hyper edition to me plzzz


  87. Mirsever says:

    password please

  88. Pablo says:

    Hi to everyone!, any news about some ROM JB 4.1.2 link?, thanks!

  89. Casper says:


  90. ahmad says:


  91. Lourdes says:


  92. cs says:

    where the download button

  93. lala says:

    let me try it :)

  94. juca says:

    tomará que pegue

  95. juca says:

    ainda bem que achei

  96. fabio rodriguez says:

    no speak english i need firmware tablets

  97. fabio rodriguez says:

    i need firmware tablets

  98. wunna says:

    please give me momo9-3 plus firmware

  99. wunna says:

    momo9 plus firmware

  100. sebastian says:

    gracias por el aporte

  101. carlos says:


  102. ramzi hodroj says:

    a13 alwinner

  103. Виталий Булгаков says:


  104. nga says:

    send email for me ,pls

  105. tnately says:

    rom cfw

  106. nga says:

    it works.thanks…. can I use jelly bean onMOMO9 plus 3??if i can,send firmware for me please!!

  107. sherwin olifernes says:

    is it compatible with board id inet-86vs-xxxx?

  108. alex R C says:

    no encuentro el link de descarga

  109. Pedro says:

    password please

  110. şennur says:


  111. sam look says:

    thnk u

  112. ernesto says:


  113. alexi says:

    very good

  114. kutil says:

    why….. elor 0*62

  115. xander700 says:

    Password please?

  116. Juanvi says:

    thank you!

  117. orbit says:

    Hello, I add my email over and over but still no link to download this fine ? I just keep getting redirected to this page without link ?

  118. German says:

    Thanx… this helps so much :)

  119. shizai says:

    hi everyone i have a china tablet name haipad a13 allwinner cpu 1.2ghz ram 512 7″ only volume and power physic key it was brick i tries to flash some rom but touch screen not work anybody can give me the way to fix or rom ts working thanks

  120. Luciano says:

    Hi, please could you resend the link to momo 9 III A13?, because it has error.
    Thank you!

  121. ehsan says:

    How to flash via sdcard ???

  122. me says:

    password: updated

  123. aung moe zaw says:


  124. mihail says:


  125. nelson says:

    espero me sirva para mi Tablet

  126. eman says:


  127. Thundrfuk says:


  128. hoangkhoa2013 says:

    tôi đang cần một bản rom cho máy tính bảng trung quốc

  129. hoangkhoa2013 says:


  130. juan carlos says:

    buenos dias

  131. JAYSON says:


  132. CARLOS says:


  133. CARLOS says:


  134. Matija says:

    Thank you

  135. rekgaz says:

    ngeksist yukkkk

  136. mono culiao says:


  137. moises says:

    rom a13

  138. jonathan says:

    A friend say me of this page

  139. jonathan says:

    Necesito descargarlo

  140. Edgard says:

    Necesito reparar mi tablet

  141. Antonio says:

    i need for a PA0755c

  142. Gillrd says:

    I read on forum website

  143. Gilles says:

    I read about forum website

  144. GEORGE SAVVATIS says:

    thank you!!

  145. alex says:

    ok good

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