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Google unloads 64-bit Android L devices

Android L 64 Bit

Finding and catching up with Apple, Google is setting the stage for device makers release a 64-bit smartphones and tablets with the Android L operating system. Google’s 64-bit compatible Android L can be found for download as a builder preview, and mobile devices must be available by year-end after a final version of the OS […]

Android L Features in a Image Gallery


Google’s big new operating-system release, Android L, has a huge volume of fresh features. Developers get the code today, and we’re sure to see about dozens of new capabilities that will filter into Android mobile phones over the next year or so. (I’m not including Android os Wear or Android Automotive here. )Google gave a […]

Have a Nexus 5 or new Nexus 7? You can get Android L now


Unlike in the past when Google used to release the finished versions of Android, now Google is releasing beta versions called developer previews. The company announced Android L – for now it is called L but in a few months the name could change to something sweeter like Lemon Cake or Lollipop or Ladoo – […]

Goodbye Dalvik. Hello ART.


Google is dropping the Dalvik runtime for ART, which will make the Android system work faster and become more energy efficient. The runtime handles the decompilation of all Android apps in real time. Google introduced the experimental Android runtime, or ART, in Android KitKat 4.4, with the company explicitly stating that it will soon replace […]

Google android 4.5 Lollipop – Amazing Features – Changing how we Interact.


Newest Features Using the Android Police, the new style is referred to as Moonshine. The pattern is more ripped and clean, almost exactly like the iOS 7 pattern. The icons tend to be flat, circular as well as colorful. This comes combined with current transparent reputation bar of KitKat type. The buttons regarding navigation are […]